Ana needs more weaknesses

Her weaknesses are enough, any dive or flank hero that out plays her sleep dart is game over.


The problem with Ana and nano is that it’s effectiveness relies completely on the target. The other supports get to use their ults to their own benefit if/when needed but Ana’s ult requires someone else and it does not directly provide her any benefits at all.

Mercy gets flight, more healing, constant regen, and infinite ammo.

Zen gets speed and invulnerability.

Lucio gets shields.

Bap can use his ult himself to boost his heals and damage.

Brig gains armor and speed.

Moira heals and damages at the same time and I think she is faster.

Ana get’s nothing. It’s all on who she uses her ult on. The only control she has over her ult is who she gives it to. They get the damage reduction, the health, and the damage.

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Oh, definitely. I’m not going to disagree with you on any of that because it’s all true. It’s a really annoying design because it removes all control over its effectiveness from her once she commits to using it.

That said, it doesn’t change anything about the way it makes me feel that the buff it gives to a target who plays correctly (and they will, at a decent sr) still feels like it’s more than what’s being committed for the time and effort spent to charge it. Specifically with a dragonblade.

I don’t think it’s uncounterable, I don’t think it’s a free win card for some random player, I don’t think dragonblade is a very good ult without nano… I just think it’s disproportionately good at what it does when they’re combined. :man_shrugging:

Dead to dive. Dead to Widow like everything else that dares to exist. I think the meta just favors her, because she was worthless in dive.

I can understand that.

If they want to nerf it, they should probably change how it works.

From Geoff Goodman himself…

  • Blocking her healing with shields
  • no self-heal (unless she uses wastes her important ability on herself)
  • reloading

And thus, any credibility in your argument just dissipated.

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Additional weaknesses:

  • Healing over time.
  • Single target healing without cooldowns.
  • Heals can be blocked by own teammates.
  • Unscoped shots are projectile.
  • Ultimate usefulness heavily dependent on composition.
  • With the exception of cooldown, cannot damage and heal at the same time.
  • Is positioning and map dependent.
  • Is weak up close.
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Sure. Then reduce the nade cooldown to 5 seconds. I’d take that.

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“Dva can eat EVERYTHING Ana does.”

For 2 seconds, with a 1 second opening between uses, and it just had it’s range cut by over 30%

Ana never should have gotten her damage buffed back up. She was balanced when she had weak enough damage to where she was more easily flanked which made up for how stupid strong her cooldowns and healing are. But Ana mains whined and cried that she wasn’t as good as mercy who was blatently OP at the time and got toned down.

support can have 2 of the following, good damage, utility or burst healing, but Ana has all 3 and something needs to give. Brig had the same issue but they crippled her damage

Well… You are doing the same now tho… Crying about a hero you feel is op and making your own ruleset for what supports are allowed to have.

The only thing Ana could get toned down would be antiheal from 100% to 75%.
You can make any hero seem broken or op by just saying what they can do, without any of the drawbacks.

Ana is not overtuned. Her winrate isn’t that great honestly lol. Orisa is officially higher in pickrate for the last month in GM as of this moment at 11.96% vs Ana’s 11.94%, and Orisa has 2.5% more winrate, which is huge. If you want to focus on nerfing anyone… focus on Orisa. Ana is fine.

“making your own ruleset for what supports are allowed to have.”

this isn’t my own ruleset, its what makes a balanced hero, if you look at every other support in the entire game, they all follow this, Zen Dps, utility, low healing, Lucio tons of utility, mediocre dps and healing, Moira Tons of healing, good damage no utility whatsoever, Mercy Healing Utility no damage, Baptiste, Utility healing, mediocre damage and only reliable survivability is on a 18 second coolddown. Briggite, had all 3 like Ana and got her damage and utility nerfed multiple times to make her inline with the other supports.

If youre balancing ana around every other support in the game shes overpowered, you clearly prefer balancing around “i want my main to always be meta and the best and force other supports out of the game at high ranks”. Which seems to be most ana mains

cant heal herself good enough
low ttk
only one singletarget cc that’s also smol projectile

Zen has no mobility but I would consider him a lot more balanced than Ana.

Zen actually has a decent hitbox unlike Ana! I can’t express how much I hate Ana’s hitbox, I legit find it harder to hit Ana than Tracer!
Every animation she does is straight up broken in terms of actually being able to hit her.

I don’t care if Ana has zero mobility, if she is harder to hit than one of the most mobile heroes in the game with a tiny hitbox, it more than makes up for it considering all of Ana’s strengths.

So now not only is Mercy trash but we want to trash Ana as well? No, stay away from her

So being brokenly overpowered is fine because they have no mobility. Big yikes…female heroes for you…

Ana has a trash winrate until GM, where she’s just middle of the pack for supports.

People just want to make things up.

She achieves a positive winrate from plat and up which is pretty reasonable.

What is not reasonable is the fact that she has double the pickrate of any other support. She’s been the must pick primary healer for…how long now? A year?

Is any other primary support going to get their time to shine, or is it now just going to be Ana all match every match until Overwatch 2? :joy:

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