Ana is the only support without self heal

Being healed form very long ranges? No Ana plays like that, at least at higher levels. Her ult is offensive favored but same can be said about all the others, they give you more room to be more aggressive and be more reckless. Mercy’s ult could potentially provide 30% damage boost to everyone and she has amazing mobility and amazing self healing while still having great utility. So quite frankly I dont know why they keep making excuses for her. She needs help!

Ana is a sniper. She is usually playing away from her team for long range heals and safety, but when she gets dived, she has a measly 100 healing to spare, a skillshot sleep to gamble her life, and an unforgiving htibox on her hipfire shots.

Zen plays WITH his team. If HE gets dived, his other healer can back him up, his tanks can protect him, and the DPS can fight off his attackers. If he’s alone, he can try to fight the enemy though, as he can be a serious threat. Ana is a healer with some DPS. Zen is a DPS with some heals. She NEEDS to be able to sustain herself for longer than she can right now in order to be viable.


Ana’s lack of mobility and self-healing is an intentional weakness of her design.


This doesn’t mean they’ll never give her some additional self-sustain in the future, but for now I think it’s exceedingly unlikely. Odds are they see threads like this saying that Ana can’t reliably self-heal and their immediate reaction is “yes, that’s the point.”

Every healer has some pros and cons, and this is the case.
She heals around 90hp/s without any cooldown besides reload, her damage is around 80/s hitscan. Anti heal, heal buff, sleep dart to make someone stay out of the fight for several seconds, her ultimate is really good for team wipe. She does has lots of strengths, but she’s more difficult to play than other healers, and that was again always the case.
Brigitte can’t heal herself if she doesn’t damage anyone. Being jumped is also really bad for Zen, shield doesn’t regen while taking damage, and it doesn’t completely heal him if he went below 50hp. Ana, on the other side, can throw a grenade in her feet and heal mid fight.
Ana was considered op by many without self heal, and got nerfed.
What I think they should do is increase the grenade healing for herself. She still would need to burn the ability, but she isn’t useless because of it.
Also, after the buff to make her shots pass through fulled allies, playing far from the team to get a good angle won’t be a must

because when ana is in the backline and when zen is in the backline they literally cant heal eachother

They should make it so that scoped shots heal her. So she can still be a Dive target while also being able to heal up chip damage.

Where are you pulling these numbers from? She heals 75HP/S and only 70dmg/s


If they gave her self heal they would need to remove heal from biotic grenade.

Because if they didn’t, she would have 3 heal skills compared to the two of the others.

Her RoF rounds out to something like 1.2 shots a second. It ups the hps and dps just slightly.

If her rate of fire is longer than 1 second it actually decreases her HPS and her DPS. Dont know what you are talking about…

I would be fine with a 15-20 hp/s regen (5 seconds) for Ana for her nade when hitting allies or enemies from any distance. Of course this would not be added should she use the nade on herself.

1.2 shots a second. That is more than a single shot. It is one plus part of another due to her over time mechanics. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

If that .2 second is there for the HoT then she still heals for a flat 75. Not 90.

You know, I might have been fine relying on an ability to heal myself… if it wasn’t on a 10 second cooldown and also by far her best offensive and defensive ability primarily designed to be used on a group of people.

Ana is bad partly because she can’t use her anti-nade when she wants to because she already used it to heal some random spam from the enemies.


I keep suggesting for them to give her a passive that allows her to still be healed by her nade even if she isnt in the radius.


Wouldn’t really change all that much for her, she would still be forced to use it in situations she would prefer not to. She really needs a passive of some sort, or at least exchange some hp for shields.


Heals per second comes out to a different number than 75 because of that .2.

She can fire a second shot but because of the heal over time mechanics, the full impact of the shot doesn’t count when doing per second calculations. You only get partial credit for heals per second (discounting reload).

It would be like Moria’s orb. I would be hesitant to give her burst healing + healing buff + passive healing with all her utility. People would still use her nade for self healing when flanked anyway.

She fires one shot every 1.2 seconds. That .2 is the heal over time. If she actually shot one dart per second she would be healing over 75.


She fires 1.2 (worth) shots every second.

Not one shot every 1.2 seconds.

If Ana’s heal was instant instead of over time she would heal 150 per second using the RoF she has right now.

You’re doing it the wrong way around.

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