Ana doesn't just have low self heal. She has NONE

The problem is that Ana doesn’t have lower self healing. She has none at all.

Using the grenade doesn’t qualify as “self healing” as it’s being defined in this context: healing yourself without the use of activated abilities.

Ana’s lugging around a gun full of healing darts, why not give her a passive that heals her when she reloads? For every dart left in the clip, she gets a point of healing. This preserves her weakness of having low self-healing, but it lets her recover when she’s out of combat.

Brigitte and Lucio are close-range brawling heroes. Ana was intended to be a long-range healer. If Ana is playing in her intended range and she gets jumped, even if Brigitte/Lucio successfully peel for her she is almost always be forced to use her grenade during/after the scuffle, so she recover in time to get back to doing her job.

Ana needs a way to recover without using her grenade sefishly.

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