Ana can nano boost herself in FFA


Wait wait wait. What? A nanoboosted Ana is objectively the scariest thing in the game. Not the most effective (unless used against me) but the effing scariest. I love it, want to see it from chateau Guiarde to Castillo.


Probably good to test it in FFA first.


To be fair, quite a few people were asking for this.

And by jeff’s recent post ,talking about giving ana minor buffs that required ‘‘new tech’’ ,I can almost garantee that they’re thinking about making her heal through barriers ,as I can see why jeff would see that as minor (considering you’re not actually changing any numbers or giving her whole new abilities) ,and a hitscan/projectile that both damages and heals would certainly require ‘‘new tech’’ to make it so that it pierces barriers and only heals.

At least that’d be one of her weaknesses covered.


Fake news just tested it.


Absolutely disgusting ,had me hyped for a moment.


No wait ,you can nanoboost yourself ,but it’s only on the PTR for now.

I was wrong, they gave her a buff ,biotic rifle doesn’t effect teammates if they’re at full HP, that’s a HUGE improvement, it’s not enough but it’s still pretty good ,it’s on the PTR.


It would be cool if by holding Q, Ana holds up her nanobooster and releasing fired it. A simple tap wouldn’t even be any different, but holding for 1 second makes Ana nanoboost herself with a snazzy self-inject animation.


There are a ton of heroes who would benefit more with nano.


it could be worthwhile in some cases
ie: last one alive trying to stall


it should be in all game modes but still a step in the right direction


That would mean that Ana can start getting POTG.


one of the heroes name is ANA. :wink:


That is true, and that’s alrght with me😂

Poor Ana needs to get potg


She does, I love when I play Mercy and there is an Ana main on my team…

We both hit Acknowledge and proceed to go Battle Mercy XD. :sweat_smile:


Somvra, there’s a reason Jelly likes you😂


hehehe :sweat_smile:


And now I’m out of likes😡

I’m blaming you for your good posts🔥



I am over here trying to figure out how to use iOS emojis instead of using the ‘BlizMoji’


Its certainly going to be interesting to see what combos they can come up with in FFA. Time to rock that foundation, dear! That potential during 1v1 brawls is what we have been waiting for.


On ptr not live