Ana buff: secondary weapon idea

Secondary Weapon : Biotic Buckshot- Ana pulls out a pistol that does spread damage, but also heals Ana for a certain amount. 4 rounds, 3-6 damage per pellet, 20 pellets per shots, 10 degree spread and 3 heals her for each pellet hit. Fire rate 1.5 per second. 1.5 reload time Any other ideas for Ana?

Why? 20 characters.!


She was in need of a self heal so I decided to give her one in the form of a close range weapon.

She don’t need a buff.

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She has nade. 20 characters.!

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They won’t do it. They want Ana weak on self heals and personal mobility. Anything else is fair game but they want her to be an open door and easy prey to dive.

If you’re looking to buff her it’s going to have to stay within these margins or they’ll outright discount it. At least with regard to Ana they will. Sorry. :neutral_face:

She doesn’t need a buff. She’s Meta right now

Thank you for showing me that because I been wondering what the heck has been going on in that department. They rarely post anything anymore so ya know I haven’t been paying attention. I may have to come up with a different idea.

Ana buff should really just be increasing friendly hitbox size a bit. It’ll make her more viable in all elo’s especially lower ones, where people can’t aim if their life depended on it. Another minor buff i’d like would be to increase reload speed BUT by very very little