An update on voice chat issues - 18 February 2022

We’re continuing to investigate ongoing issues affecting voice chat quality with our third party provider. While we’ve seen some positive movement, at this time we do not have an ETA for when a fix will be ready.

Our apologies for any negative experiences this issue may have caused.


Hey there, please tell us what is going on, we feel so left behind… OWL starting in two months with 5v5, hero reworks and new heroes and we have seen only bastion and sombra months ago… no info about anything and less and less added to the game for years… people absolutely love your game but the situation is so sad. Don’t want to sound entitled or to put up a big drama, I understand the work in progress for OW2 but please let us know, even a timeline for the next announcement would do a lot. Just tell us “we will talk about X things on that occasion” because people are assuming development is either dead or the company really doesn’t care about us.

This feels like a one sided relationship… it is exhausting.

With love ya boi COSMO xoxo :sparkling_heart:


Yes, take 5 more months to fix a voice chat bug :smiley: and release overwatch 2 in 2050 :skull:


it’d be very much appreciated if you could fix the permanent disconnect from voicechat at the start of the match. i am from pakistan and all the people from pakistan are getting this probelm, doesn’t matter if i restart my game, leave and then join vc again, i have already tried everything, trouble shooting, pinging the servers and i can confirm it is not from my side. Every other game works perfectly fine, this has been happening for awhile now and it is very frustrating to play the game without any VC. Please fix this ASAP ty for your concern.

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I feel like sometimes the first second of what I say on open mic isn’t caught half the time, or at least I don’t get the “speaking” icon in the corner of my screen immediately. Is this an issue being investigated?

Also, does this include not being able to join voice chat? I get the option and it’s set to auto join in settings, but nothing happens

do u use voice activated chat or push to talk? Voice activated is known for doing that as it needs to listen for your voice then transmit it and can also lead to cutting out mid senten

this isnt purely blizzard games either, this can happen on any online game with voice activated, its the way it works.

I use open mic but I don’t remember this ever being an issue until recently. OW voice chat doesn’t seem to use any sort of voice detection or noise suppression either; I think it just picks up any sound it hears

Your mic could be getting worse over time then if ur just noticing it but open mic is well known for that and used to plague me before I got forced to use push to talk in another game with my guild coz my mic always done it.

ps Open mic is very annoying to other players and a lot of ppl mute open mic players coz we hear breathing, typing and sometimes all your game sound effects(effectively hearing double), maybe no one told you your mic wasnt working because they mute open mic.

I’m thinking maybe it is my mic, it’s getting kinda old. I’ll have to test it with another headset

And I use it more as a toggle, and only unmute myself when I’m talking. I just don’t like holding the button down lol