An Update about the Experimental Card (14 FEB)

Hiya folks,

We’ve been working with LemonKiwi, ml7support, Jake, and W_NTED today on some balance adjustments for the current Experimental Card. I don’t have an ETA for implementation, nor the final change-log. As soon as we can share more information, we will.

The participating creators have been taking in a lot of feedback, and we’re working with them to make some adjustments that should address some of the current critical discussion.

LemonKiwi has been working with folks from our Hero balance & design team to make sure we’re adjusting tank values to feel more rewarding, while still preserving the spirit of the many well received changes she added in this Experimental Card. ml7, jake, and W_NTED have submitted several adjustments, and we’ll be fixing some bugs that cropped up since the card went live.

Don’t forget to check out the Experimental Creator Cup this weekend! You can find the official broadcast on either the PlayOverwatch Twitch channel, or the Overwatch League YouTube channel.


Woot! More powerful tanks incoming! Because it was feeling like that scene from Empire Strikes Back…


You should try working with the community for once


Great news, thanks Andy.

Playing Tank has felt a bit like banging my head against a wall due to the lack of damage.


The community is way too diverse of a pool. Getting feedback from “the community” would honestly probably be less helpful than you think.


This is good news - hopefully soon so that people who will play the cup get a chance to get used to the changes

Honestly somewhat hoping they lower Bastion’s healing. The 90hps bound to a resource meter while firing 100 rounds continuously is kinda op and I say that as someone who’s been playing almost exclusively Bastion hahaha


Wooh this is great, can’t wait to see how they improve on their ideas

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But surely they’ve at least seen some of the ideas that are provided on here, no? Some of them are actually interesting ideas I’d like to see at least tested, so as to confirm whether or not the idea would work.

I kinda disagree because that’s literally his whole kit. That’s all he does is shoot and heal lol.

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Symmetra turrets fix? :eyes:


The tanks have way too much sustain. Wanted’s McCree rework is solid.

Mass rez and support sym are ridiculous. You got the two best people to look at dps, but the rest of the experiment is a disaster.


Please give us OW2 news sometime this week!


Very good news. Was concerned it was just going to stay the same.

Also, bastion scary. Pls nerf lol.

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The tanks in this experimental has sucked, not gonna lie.

They play like cannon fodder.


Nice! The patch is fun, but a balance patch would definitely help as there is some glaring imbalances. Thanks for keeping us posted.

some much needed news

I totally agree. The Flats version of tanks was a much more fun experience. Not a fan of reduced damage tanks.


Unpopular idea, let tanks have the tools to destroy part of the level geometry in order for their team to progress. Inject some of those Havok physics into OW.

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