An reaper emote Idea (RELOADING)

I really want this emote for Reaper it would be an emote where he actually reloads his gun! It would be so ironic


He should have an emote were he pulls out his Nerf™ guns and fires little foam balls. It would be fun in the spawn room. Like the Ana beach ball.


Or he just opens his cloak to reveal just… hundreds of guns.


omg no. biggest nerf ever.


A tiny pair of speedos

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Or McCree yaoi.

20 chars yeet

That’d be super funny!



I would love this.

Additionally, maybe an emote where he reaches for another set of guns, but can’t find any. He reaches deeper into his cloak and grabs something, but it’s stuck, so, he pulls as hard as he can, and out pours, like, 12 shotguns. Annoyed at this, he groans, picks a couple up, and moves on.

Maybe it’d be a pocket for his cloak-less skins? Or a puff of black smoke?


I’d love to just have a bunch of characters doing meme-y voicelines or emotes.

Reaper’s “I’m batman”, doomfist with more one punch quotes, perhaps Moira just pulling out some David Bowie themed emote… etc etc.

I know we have a few already, IE “One punch is all I need” but I NEED MORE DAMNIT


like the inside of his cloak is a portal to a different dimension, i’d dig it.

Reaper sneezes and 32 shotguns fall out of his coat


Id love one of the looping emotes of him just pulling out gun and gun after gun and just throwing them over his shoulder like trash trying to find one with ammo in it

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He just opens his cloak and 1.0 roadhog hook comes flying out

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that would be a nifty game mechanic for reaper honestly :smiley:

Reaper opens his coat and out comes
Soul Orbs
Beyblade 1.0
Red ShadowStep
Scatter arrow
Triple jump
Shield generator
Syms old movable shield

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That spray exists:

Oh no no the spray but


How about in his cloak he has mini reapers opening up their cloaks to reveal mini reapers opening up their cloaks to reveal mini reapers opening…