An idea to change Hanzo

Hanzo’s projectile speed buff made him feel less unique, while increasing his projectile speed did make him more viable, it took away from Hanzo’s unique skill-curve. It made hitting shots not just easier at far ranges but easier to land at every range, simply put it just made him easier to play.

Hanzo is a high-tech sniper, so what if his arrows increased in speed during flight?
This means that you could decrease Hanzo’s projectile speed by half which would be closer to Hanzo’s original projectile speed, before the 2x speed buffs he has received in the past and make it so the projectile speed increases by something like 33% every 10m of flight.

This would mean that anything below 30m of range, Hanzo’s projectile speed would be significantly slower but at long/very long ranges his arrows would be much faster. At long ranges it should equate to roughly similar projectile travel time as we have currently, yes the arrows would become quicker than they are currently at beyond 30m but because they were travelling slower at below 30m, they should arrive at their target at a similar time without this change.

Basically this change would mean that at 30m or below Hanzo would play a lot more like old Hanzo, with more leading and prediction. At long ranges, he should play similar to what he does currently, maybe slightly more consistent but depends on range.


Yeah, no. His original speed was still 60% higher than what you’re suggesting; his speed was only buffed by 25%. You want to give him an even lower speed than Zen?

And why purposely take away from his current specialty, mid-range, just to mitigate the costs of what you’re suggesting to his long-range?

I’m not seeing that in the patch notes, nor does it match any of the data from the time I’ve played – admittedly, only since a half-year in – but, let’s assume he really did start from what would arrive at 100 mps with a 46% buff. That would be around 66 mps, not 50, which is what a 50% reduction would result in.

11.31.16 = 1.46 1.46 - .46(1.46) = .89. .89 =/= 1.
You cannot return to the same number by dividing it by the same numbers it was originally multiplied by.

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The first buff was 30%, the second buff was another 16%…

=46% total speed buff

That would be insanely weird to play against, and to play at all… I’d have to see it in action which is kinda impossible

I certainly think it would have an insanely high learning curve and skill curve but I am not against that.

Honestly though, it would have to be tested, the mechanic itself might be completely janky

I’m not against it either - I just don’t know if it would work

So Hanzo shoots RPG-7?
Cause thats what it does - it starts on low power engine so it doesnt kill you when shooting from inside building and ignites reactive engine during flight lol

Just revert speed buff (Jeff appears and say “It was too frustrating etc”) and buff his charge speed instead. Cause it didnt affect his effective range at all.

Basically this change would mean that at 30m or below Hanzo would play a lot more like old Hanzo, with more leading and prediction.

Hanzo effectiveness directly related to distance starting from 10+ meters. Old leading and prediction Hanzo on 30 meters looool


True, I feel like you are looking too much into the numbers…

Hanzo’s original projectile speed was indeed a lot slower than it is currently, when his projectile size was nerfed, they increased his projectile speed by 30%, this must’ve been about 2yrs ago now and obviously they increased it again recently.

The idea is to dramatically decrease Hanzo’s projectile speed, so that at close range he would be slightly weaker, at mid-range he would perform about the same and at long range he would be slightly stronger.

Basically at the range Hanzo is used, which is medium/short range (whenever someone dives him), he would have more of his original feel and skill-curve, making it slightly harder to land shots but he would also have more of the sniper feel at the same time due to his increased projectile speed at long range.

It doesn’t really make sense though because even with this change widow will still destroy him at long range, and then he’ll just be trash at everything

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I dunno… At close range having slow projectile speed basically means nothing anyway, at medium range it would be about the same as it is currently, yes between the 10-20m range you would have to lead slightly more but honestly I never had a problem hitting targets at this range even with original Hanzo.
At long ranges it would be a slight buff, it would be more like delayed hitscan than projectile meaning that sniping targets actually becomes more viable.

I say this, but like you said it would have to be tested. It could actually be a massive buff for Hanzo or a massive nerf, only testing would give us the answer.