Amd problems and crashes since 18.2.2

A7BFD47C-FE45-4117-BC8F-7E7A11D886D5 this is the code of the error im getting after recenbt pathces
currently 19.1.1 didnt solve the issue.
i have ryzen 1600 and rx 590

Did you see this post in the stickies about Ryzen CPUs? Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #18 by Drakuloth

i had issues back then but latter they fixed it…im scanning and making OW repair now. i think its a recent AMD bug because some other games also has this crush issue

Ok, keep us posted if you need more help.

Looking over the crash logs I’d want to try disabling the AMD ReLive features. This can be done in the Radeon Settings under the ReLive tab.

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Having frame rate issues regarding 18.12.2, its causing a lot of instability. Does anyone know what the previous software version was before adrenaline?

at the end i skip 1 bios update for my Asus b 350 plus MB.after that i didnt have anymore issue with OW and other game,but Thanks