Alternative idea for OW2

Suggestion to the developers:

How about separating Overwatch and OW2 almost completely. Not in the sense of Battlefield or CoD, no, but as different games for different target groups.
As it currently looks to me, OW2 is just Overwatch with additional PvE content, so basically just a DLC.

I would almost completely separate the two games from each other as Overwatch (PvP) and Overwatch: (inserts any name. For example “Rise of Overwatch” instead of “2”) (PvE).
It would give developers significantly more freedom than before. At the moment it is probably the case that OW2 is limited by the possibilities, since crossplay between the two instances must be possible.

By decoupling you could overhaul the engine, bring it to 2.0 or use a completely new engine. It would also be possible (it would also be possible with the current model) to provide Overwatch with new heroes, maps and modes even now. The graphics (Reshade and Interface) could be implemented as a kind of optional, standard texture pack in both games (I like the original interface a lot more than the new one) similar to Minecraft with the optional “oldschool” texture pack.
Future content such as new maps, skins, heroes can be released simultaneously for both games (of course adapted to the game). Modes and story of course game-specific.

With Overwatch PvE, I would really crank it up. Entire campaigns for each hero / organization (perhaps structured similarly to Nier Automata or Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 with a story from several angles) or campaigns with decision-making options.
Possibly with special skins / items that you get through story progress and can be used in PvP.

In any case, I see more potential in this two-pronged model than it looks now with OW 1.1. Because I’m afraid that Overwatch will end up like CoD or Battlefront at some point. Main focus on PvP with a good but far too short story. Also, I am not ready for a game that I already owned to pay another € 60 just to play some PvE, which could be a DLC of € 20.

Hey there, this is pretty well what they are already doing. Overwatch which is mostly the PVP scope of the game will still be accessible by everyone who owns Overwatch including new heroes, maps, and the expected graphics update. Overwatch 2 will include the new PVE Story and Hero Missions, along with likely exclusive cosmetics for various heroes. Learn more about everything we know about Overwatch 2 here:

Consumers will be able to purchase Overwatch 2 seperately without owning Overwatch and can access content including the new PVP modes in Overwatch 2.

That’s the point. OW2 also contains the PVP, ie Overwatch “1”. Since there should be crossplay, the engine, no, the whole PvP must be approximately the same, otherwise one side has disadvantages and advantages.
Because it is essentially the same game, the developers are to a certain extent tied to the old engine from 2016, which makes modern innovations difficult to implement.
So much for the technology.

For me as the owner of a copy of Overwatch, 60 € for a game which probably consists of about 50% of a game that I already have is not really convincing / justified.

Also, which sequel is there crossplay to previous titles? As far as I know, that doesn’t even exist at FIFA, even though it’s the same game every year.

It also seems a bit strange to me when it says that new content for Overwatch will not be published because of OW2, because almost all resources flow into OW2, but a lead mission designer for OW2 is currently being sought. For me, this indicates that OW2 is still in a relatively early phase, but then I ask myself why we haven’t received any new content since Echo (Kanezaka doesn’t really count)

And I sincerely hope that

Overwatch 2 will have an updated graphics engine (and will apply to Overwatch 1).

is only optional.