Alternate universe theme

There are not enough playable omnics.
With omnics being sucha large part of the conflict, it’s unfortunate that there aren’t more playable omnics.

With that being said, for the alternated universe theme discussed during the 2023 BlizzCon event, it would be unique and interesting to make B.O.B. the playable character when choosing ashe (just a reskin - nothing fancy - he would simply use an integrated rifle, coach gun and tnt launcher). And, of course, he would send out Ashe as his ult (possibly having her perform Deadeye (for the typical B.O.B. duration, but with less health), instead of behaving like an SST Labs Seige Automatic E54 turret).

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I 100% agree that the game could use more omnics. I think they don’t do it simply for fear of comparison with Zenyatta, technically a “standard omnic”. However, I would dose the theme of the omnics well in the game, otherwise it risks being a little too similar to the theme of the null sector of season 6 which nevertheless excellently reinterpreted some heroes such as omnics. It would be great to imagine the same approach taken for Junkrat and roadhog omnics, but… on characters who hate omnics too much, like Junkerqueen and Zarya. Or on the contrary, make… zenyatta HUMAN, which could be a fantastic way to make it a mythical skin with facial expressions.

Other concepts? I would like to explore the alternate universe from the perspective of “different choices”. I don’t want to imagine a reversal, but literally an alternative reality in which all the characters have made different choices:

  • Winston Junker: it was Winston who fell at Junkertown and became the Queen’s favorite champion;
  • Shadow Genji: after the clash with his brother, it was not Mercy who healed the ninja… but Moira, applying her experiments without the aid of technological prostheses (there is also an in-game interaction that hypothesized this intention );
  • Widowmaker Amelié: Gerard was finally killed by a Talon agent, and Amelié decided to become the best sniper in Overwatch in order to find her husband’s killer;
  • Vengeful Morrison: it was Morrison who participated in the Retribution mission, and it was that event that immediately kicked him out of Overwatch (being the commander, his presence in the mission caused a greater scandal). Having already lost her love years ago (Vincent) and now his career, she finally decided to join Talon as the mysterious vigilante who used his knowledge to break into old Overwatch bases and rob them of their weapons. and it was he who initiated the deaths of Gerard and Ana;
  • Reyes was proclaimed Commander of Overwatch after Morrison’s exclusion, and continued his life exactly in soldier-76’s place. he is angry at Morrison because he was the one who killed Ana and Gerard;
  • Zenyatta Null Sector: it was zenyatta who rebelled against Mondatta’s teachings and started a war with the omnics, while Ramattra pursued the pilgrimage and was the one who taught Genji after the closure of Overwatch;
  • Lifeweaver Vishkar: Lifeweaver became an architech of the vishkar, but he used his discovery of biolight to become the ruthless leader of agriculture: by manipulating the growth of food crops, he ensured that he was the only one capable of meeting the hunger in the world… at affordable prices for him.
  • Kiriko Hashimoto: The Tiger Empire demands that no dragon survivors survive. Kiriko has decided to work for the Hashimotos, and to hunt down the last heirs of the Shimada. And it was actually she who encouraged the disagreement between the Shimada brothers;
  • Canadian Fareeha: Pharah never agreed to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and she followed her father to Canada instead. with the resumption of the omnic crisis she joined the Canadian army taking advantage of her mother’s name. But in reality she holds a grudge against the woman who pretended to be dead by abandoning her husband and her daughter;
  • Mercy Cruelty: With the closure of Overwatch, Mercy hated that all of her research went unrecognized. she therefore joins the Oasi collective as Minister of Medicine. But unknowingly, like Symmetra for Vishkar or Sigma for Talon, her searches for her continue to be exploited. but unfortunately, she became Moira’s best student.;
  • Sombra Revolutionary: Sombra never abandoned Los Muertos in their revolt against Portero, and used her research to rebuild Overwatch in place of Winston (who became a Junker). She took over the Gibraltar observatory and launched the Recall, hoping to find help from the Overwatch network rather than Talon’s.

I won’t continue any further, I think I have given multiple alternative story plots to the original lore.


Honestly this sounds sick, I hope they do that at some point.

I would love to see more Omnic characters! I bet its already in the works at the studio…

Since Mei has a big heart and a iron will to keep going after what happened at Echo Point.
What if an alternate Mei did lose her sanity and became like a female version of Mr. Freeze, she only talks through Snowball as she doesn’t want to use her real voice because she thinks Overwatch has abandoned her and has turned her back on humanity.
I can see Prime Mei reaching out to her causing Alternate Mei to defrost her heart, still a loner with only her army of Snowball units but she will lose to taste for destruction but would rather be left alone.

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there’s an interesting situation where blizzard “conceptually” made this Mei, you know?
In Heroes of the storm there is a skin dedicated to Mei which is inspired by the Lich King, and if you know a minimum of Warcraft 3 lore, you can appreciate the reference very much but if you don’t know it, a brief summary:

About W3

in Warcraft III Prince Arthas decides to look for a solution against the invasion of demons. He learns of immense power derived from the ice sword Frostmourne, and embarks on the quest by traveling north. However, the prince does not know that the journey will lead him towards madness, even going so far as to condemn his entire crew to death to obtain that ancient power of the sword. When he takes possession of frostmourne, Arthas does not realize that it is actually imbued with the power of the lich king, an ancient spirit that dominates the undead, and will become the commander who will destroy the lands of humans.

In my opinion the concept is interesting to explore in Mei, even if in reality we already see it applied in a skin of Sigma (rime) who is precisely Prince Arthas now infested by the power of the Sforstmourne sword.

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