All that rank inflation talk

Season 1 and Season 2, still hard stuck gold and finally hit plat. I shoot thru Plat in beginning season 3 and hit diamond 3. Everyone congratulates me and stuff…

Then comes the talk of rank inflation…

  1. Oh there is a bug…
  2. Oh theres more new players so everyone is going to move up.
  3. There’s no loser queue… the match maker is like a coin flip

ALL Bull Sh…

I just endured the worst losses sequence (over the entire week - around a 30% win rate) in the history of experience. If any a time I want to quit its probably now.

So If I hit Diamond 3, why the hell am I slumming back at Gold / Plat again?

Was I never diamond?

  • Then how is this great system allow a Gold / Plat player to get up there in the first place?
  • What happen to that great inflow of new players and my skills pushed me up?
  • If its a coin flip, how’d I lose 3~4 games for 1 win to get me back down to Plat 5?

Heres a replay code of a close game (A winner), am I still playing like a diamond player, or did I suddenly lose my skills?


  • Alcohol? Nope I gave that up for lent
  • Gummies? Nope I ran out.

It MUST be my skills that I suddenly lost… From Diamond 3 to Plat 5…

Whats worse is now that I am near gold again, the silver potatoes that I complained about back when I was in silver are peaking in every once in awhile… I admit those guys were RARE in diamond. They say theres potatoes in every rank… nah, there are bad players… but in Gold there are some SERIOUS potatoes.

And now I’m hard stuck… Is it my fault? I cant get a solid game any more. You guys are not getting something with the match maker… something is just wrong, and I dont know whats worse, the buzz words to cover up something up, or the absolute devotion to this match maker as if its an absolute measure of someones skill.

Did I get black listed cause of a post? Like it seriously all just started on 1 day and I couldnt recover from it. Did I pop off too many times and smurf detection kicked in? I guess we’ll never know. Just think in Diamon 3 I was still POPPING OFF sometimes. But to lose all the way back to plat 5? And by all means if it was a 49% win rate to get me back down I probably wouldnt have mind, but its been STOMPS 50% of the time…

Terrible system.


Lose 5 in a row derank

Win 5 in a row also derank…

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Yip after i uninstalled…i logged into all my accounts to run some tests after hearing about the feedback on “it feels good again” and rank inflation etc.

I have had a total of two genuinely good games of great teamplay, good communication and synergy. One win, one loss and i sucked up the loss in competitive spirit because it was an acceptable performance from everyone.

The rest…my god. 3 days of loss after loss because of skill disparity.

I mean genuine spawn camping at the door.
My dps were often HARD outmatched.

Needless to say i dropped 6 divisions. From playing with masters/diamond to now gold/silver.

And yes, i totally understand the “silver potatoes” comment.

Im just here to report its worse than ever, at least in the last couple days.

I dont have much drive to reclaim those ranks i lost because of an algorithm that will just give me potatoes later on.

Gotta cut out the dirty carbs from my diet anyway…

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Whatever “knob” they twisted recently was not in my favor.

Couple of other points.
When mid season patch came out I noticed my ping was a constant 40, usually it’s 20. But I still maintained my diamond status. Never back at my peak but I could hang. NOW I got my ping back down to 19-20 and poof… zapped of good teammates OR amazing opponents. I mention ping cause ping is a variable for mmr.

I had a hanzo opponent I swore could have been arrgh alt account. 3 people dived him and he killed them all.

Like you if I drop too far I genuinely don’t care to get them back. And Diablo is around the corner, it’s like they want me to play Diablo and not this game.

Interesting, the two good games i had were in a different region.

At least through the communication it was a different culture of individual if thats descriptive enough.

Some games i would be 50ping higher than usual.

I do wish they would let us choose a more specific region.

Your real rank is not your peak rank. It is somewhere between your recent low and recent high.

As you get to the top of your range your mistakes get punished and you don’t have the impact you did at lower ranks. At the bottom of your range you are getting away with mistakes and having a large impact on the game so it is hard to drop further.


The matchmaking has indeed gone wild but I’m still enjoying all the masters and gms malding about lower rank and boosted players in their games. Since diamond and below had to deal with that since ow1 and they just said lol git gud. So it’s nice they are finally getting a taste of elo hell for themselves.


Same experience for me in the past few days. Both accounts getting around 10 games loss streaks.

Hate to brag, but I only would get 6 game loss streaks. But separated by 2-4 games of absolute stomp wins (not dying, or 1 death with 20-30 elims - hey I gotta maintain my 3.7 kdr right?), every time I’d get those wins I’m like “ok reached the bottom time to climb back up”. Only to hit another loss streak.

Is this type of absolutism of knowing the system is correct and no flaws, only about the player, is the bs.

So your saying my true rank lies somewhere between plat 5 and diamond 3? Kinda a bit wide range eh? Alright so I’m gonna probably keep losing until I hit bronze 5 - until the match maker decides to “allow” me to win again.

I agree the matchmaker is bad, really bad.

But no, you’re not gonna keep losing until you hit bronze 5. You know that.

As someone else said peak rank is not true rank. Also we all have bad days where we play like :poop: and days where we punch above our weight.

Again, I wholeheartedly agree on matchmaker being bad, and match quality is so incredibly poor right now. But you will be alright - if you tilt, watch a youtube video before playing the next game. Sometimes we just need to cool off instead of instaqueing and making it all worse.

Thanks and yea I know it’ll stop before bronze 5. Some other system will kick in.

As for tilt. This is over the entire week. Multiple sessions.

As for YouTube’s, yes I actually try to watch a tube inbetween or actually doing my day to day when I work from home. As a coder I’ll get my code in for the current story or test and while it builds and deploys I’ll get 3-4 losses in.

It’s also to a point where I am numb. If it’s a close game it’s refreshing. But I’m expecting a loss nowadays. Hey my last 4 games were all just win stomps so didn’t even post those codes. The code I posted is like 8 games ago, for a “close” win.

So I appreciate the words, and know what you mean. But this is beyond tilting. There is a systematic issue going on. I came back to the forums to express and sure enough there’s 5-6 threads about the exact same thing.

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Yes, its not a perfect system dude. you obsess over this way too much

Comp is a mode where you gain points for winning and lose them for losing. Its not a perfect indicator of skill

They were right when they said the peak is not necessarily where you would belong going forward. That was just the peak of your point gain from wins and losses

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I get it… but damn its not the RANK per se… its the fact I could get there and then LOOOOOOOOOSEEEEE all the way back down.

Rank is slightly important. Its hey can I GET a 50/50 feeling? Sure doesnt feel that way now. How and why did it “let” me get there just to lose that much.

Horrendous feeling.

and then I see the dev streams and Spilo… “oh its a coin flip… its rare that this or that happens”. the $hit happens multiple times a season"… but this losing session is the worst I had in 6 years…

You should really expect to lose rank if you play at this time of season. Most of the casuals are gone, not to return until next season, and a lot of the grinders are starting to switch to their smurf alts.

Yeah i didnt enjoy some of the responses they gave either.

Even though it was nice to hear their thoughts.

I most often disagree with the following based on my experiences.

While yes, thats exactly how we are led to believe the system operates, i dont personally feel “out of my league” at my peak visual rank.

As a support main specifically.

I can see that being the case for dps and tank but i dont feel “support diffed” nearly enough at the rank the game decided to 50/50 me at.

Majority of the time its feels as if my dps cant cope and sometimes, but rarely, the tank.

Thats when I feel the game assumes
“Well because you couldnt do it with this dps, you dont deserve higher dps”

And so exacerbates my team match ups and ques the loss streak.

There are indeed times ill come across an OP genji, hanzo or widow that will focus you but i quickly adapt to respect their effective range and LoS lanes. Some times i win, sometimes i lose.

But that doesnt mean the other players are of the same game sense and do the same.

You don’t always get 50/50 games. You very well may get games you’re supposed to win. Win games you’re supposed to lose? Now THAT is how you rank up.

Who knows, how many games have you played? I’m something like 31 wins 15 losses on tank and 41 wins 31 losses on support and got to masters on both. I’d imagine I deserve to be somewhere around there just given how many games I’ve played to even out some of the rng.

Also yeah it’s hard to say. I know in overwatch 1 people would bounce ±700 sr sometimes. Ow2 seems more willing to rank people up and down more quickly which I would say is actually a good thing. In ow1 I just gave up trying to get to diamond because it literally took me like 100-150 games to from silver to mid/high gold and then another like 70 to plat. I had something like a 60% winrate but it was just so slow

I don’t think I’ve ever won 5 games in a row on a card where I had lost even the same number of games beforehand and then deranked in OW2.

I have. It’s comical.

Recently many got pushed up.

And even more recently down.

It just highlights how meaningless rank is really. You get more movement when they $#@% up the match maker variables than based on your actual gameplay.

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the jokes write themselves


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