All sounds played infront of me are played behind me, etc

Hi, I use a Razer Leviathan X2 Soundbar when playing almost any games. I don’t like headsets / earbuds and prefer open sound.

Last night I updated my GeForce drivers before I went to bed and hopped on Overwatch today to find literally all my audio was reversed. I have a clip of a match I played for reference, it’s super weird and really annoying because I’m constantly thinking the team is about to get flanked, but nobody is there.

I run Windows 11, most up-to-date version.
I already did a scan and repair, nothing changed.
I already did a bunch of settings stuff like turning off spatial audio, etc.
I already restarted my computer and restarted the sound bar.

I can’t send the link to it but if anyone needs me to send it over Discord, n.yo is my tag

If anyone knows anything for fixes, thanks

Pretty min, bruh.

Is it multiple speakers? I would assume that it would be impossible to tell otherwise, and clearly there was some difference before.

You should probably reinstall the drivers and check your settings to see if your front/back balance is correct.

Other than that you’d have to post diagnostics.

Submit a ticket to support for blizz support.

You should also check the pinned posts for information on common issues on the different platforms.

Do you have Dolby Atmos enabled?

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