ALERT: Overwatch Contenders Streaming for March 25th

Hey everyone, I am starting a quick secondary topic from my Streaming Rewards Guide to detail important information about watching Overwatch Contenders this morning.

Contenders Homepage may have a 404 ERROR, alternate link provided

First off, the Overwatch Contenders homepage ( has had a series of issues over the last few days resulting in error 404 or error 500. Blizzard is aware of this and working to resolve the issues, however they have already provided an alternate spot to directly watch the broadcasts with the rewards embedded player. You can find this link at

Overwatch Contenders China currently running is not rewards eligible

As usual, the live broadcast matches of Overwatch Contenders China are not eligible to earn rewards. This is because the live broadcast is on Bilibili which is not compatible for the rewards embedded player on the Overwatch Contenders website. Note there will be “English VODcast” matches later for the Knockout rounds and Playoff rounds in April and June, but tonight’s regular season match do not earn the streaming rewards.

Australia starts Thursday, March 25th @ 8:00 AM and Korea starts Thursday, March 25th @ 10:00 AM

There is very likely to be overlap for these two broadcasts. In order to earn rewards, only have one of the two streams running on your embedded player at any given time. Running both could cause an error and you may not be earning rewards and you cannot stack multiple streams to earn rewards faster.

If you need more help with getting streaming rewards be sure to review my troubleshooting checklist on my Streaming Rewards Guide.


I always miss to catch the contenders stream.

It’s live now!

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Thanks, which hero is the reward scheme?

3 Hours - Bastion
10 Hours - Reinhardt

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I get 404 error at

Nvm refreshed, thx

YO they’re playing DF.

Do rewards work if I have my laptop muted?

That page too has been acting up but refreshing seems to work, just stay on it once you get it working.

This night has not been easy for me…

I don’t recommend keeping it muted (instead set the PC volume to 1%)

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