Aim hackers with Widow and Soldier every third game

Dead like a thorn wood. There are 2 aim bots that are currently non bannable and exploitable. Tested and it’s like firing at ducks. Game is unplayable at the moment if you want to climb or to have fun during weekend - nothing new about recent Blizzard games…

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Link replay codes so other people can view and report the players involved


What we need is a popular youtuber to create a “how to spot modern hacks” because 99% of the public seem to be extremely naive and ignorant to the subject. They think that if it doesn’t insta-snap to someone head then it’s not a hack. They don’t realize a lot of these work just like xbox/playstation aim assist does, but you can spot them if you just think a little.


At what rank? I don’t see this in gold

There are actually quite a few of these videos

  • Including for Overwatch

oh… if only the devs actually cared about cheating and what’s it’s like to play the game for honest people. That’ll be the day.

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