Aim assist on console desperately needs fixed now

I’ve been playing on console since season 2 and have put in thousands of hours and play all the characters (except main tank). In patch 1.28 aim assist got a complete overhaul which was very well done and made it more customizable and overall feel a lot better, but there’s still one problem that hasn’t been fixed yet and has become very problematic since the addition of Baptiste.

Here’s the important part of Console Aim Assist Changes | Patch 1.28:

I think that it’s true that it does stay on the target you are tracking the best now, but the big problem is that not all of the entities you would be aiming at are considered valid targets. The biggest one has been Ashe’s dynamite. If you throw it and are tracking it perfectly the game doesn’t recognize that and to the aim assist it thinks you are aiming at nothing. So if any enemy walks too close to your reticle the aim assist locks on to that target and pulls your aim away from your dynamite which often causes you to not be able to get back to the dynamite in time and you miss the shot. I think that RIP-Tire is considered a valid target to aim assist. I can’t recall ever missing a shot on a tire because aim assist pulled me away but I’m not certain. It’s definitely not as bad as dynamite though.

The reason why this just became such a big issue with the addition of Baptiste is because his immortality field is the same as Ashe’s dynamite. Except the aim assist is pulling EVERY character’s reticle who is trying to fire at it when an enemy gets too close to it. It can really make a difference in a fight when you miss a crucial helix rocket or some other ability on the field because you got pulled away.

Luckily this is an easy fix. Please just add dynamite and immortality field as valid targets so if a character is tracking them perfectly they won’t get pulled away.

Thanks for reading this I know it was kind of long and console doesn’t get much attention compared to PC, but this is now a significant issue for the majority of console players and I felt like there needed to be a post about it.