Aim assist is a fraud

No, you can’t say it’s false. You’re NOT an official source and you’re NOT authoritative.
The written documentation says it’s a possibility. All the patents seek with intent to rig the experience for the sake of accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity. They use tech like DDA for hitbox scaling and aim-assist/resist to favour the over/under performers to keep things close and engaging.

Disagree? Read the patents. Until then, everyone of rational mind should trust the documented evidence, not the “I didn’t feel it so it’s not there”.

But you provide no evidence so it’s you who is spreading misinfo.

Sorry but your experience counts for nothing.
Read the patents, and refute how any of that tech could possibly be in-game.

Will console aim-assist be enabled when I match up with a PC player?
No. Console aim-assist will be disabled by default if you group up with a PC player to equalize play during the match.

Took me 1 min to find this.

Also considering there are multiple people here saying that when they play cross platform it is turned off maybe I would have listened to them and then googled it myself rather than hoping for a blue post to confirm what they have said


Just keep it away from PC comp. It’ll ruin the game just like apex is being ruined by it

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There is a difference between people that look for information to learn and people that only look for information to win an argument.

You are clearly the former.

It is obvious that cross-play doesn’t exist for the PC pool. There are many examples where Blizzard have confirmed this.

Imagine how far down the rabbit hole of your own “rigged” conspiracy theory you have to be to see this any other way.

Look at the state of this…

Lol… killcams “confirmed” aim assist… I… how…?


And then afterwards he goes

Its him being a hypocrit as per usual, his “friend’s” experience is true whilst someone elses isnt worth anything


It’s not even hypocrisy… I don’t even know what to call it…

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There is also this comment from the AMA they had over a month ago where they had no current plans to enable aim-assist for crossplay.

Least “master race elitist” pc player

You are also not an authority, so again refrain from spreading misinformation.

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Reported for trolling.


My favorite part of this is that they thought OW aim assist could close a 3000SR skill gap.

It’s a little known fact that Tac Visor actually lowers your accuracy on console.

And your friend is who? Right, another random so.

First time I’ve seen someone build a strawman from one word.

Except his experience is the same as what was stated by the devs and since you’re making the accusation the burden of proof is on you.
Not only that you’re stating a second hand opinion and if this was a court of law your experience would be ignored as hearsay.

Dev post is here.

It doesn’t. Classic receipts. Patents are a description of an idea nothing more. They don’t indercate use or anything else. Saying a patent says it’s baked in not only is a lie, it shows you don’t know what a patent is.


That blue post doesn’t apply to OW2 beta. There was a TON of cross-play during OW2 beta and the killcams were sus. Not even replay codes lmao. During the beta they could have been trialing the aim-assist tech.

it shows u didn’t even read the patents.
they’re not just about “aim-assist”.

the cross-platform stuff offers all kinds of tech that has neither been confirmed/denied.
Including DDA that scales hitboxes (the pc users hit smaller hitboxes the console users reg larger ones). No matter how you try to spindoctor it, the patents are documentation of intent to rig the game.

No way posts like this still exist in 2022. I’m ded

Its not cheating, its literally a built in function. The hell are you on about?

Good grief - you… you still…

Never mind…

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Filing for a patent doesn’t mean they will use the idea.

It’s just calling dibs on an idea so no one else can use it without paying them.

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Patent doesn’t say it’s baked in. The contents even states pictures are for reference only.

As stated a patent is a description of idea. Not documentation of use.

I’d go on but you randomly thinking I didn’t read something in the patent when I’m talking about what a patent is shows how strong your point is. It also shows you’d rather lie and insult someone over having discussion.