Again the win points bug

I’m getting this bug as well; very irritating

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I just noticed this bug for the first time too, and it’s my 5th Halloween event but the first one where I’ve won SIX of 9 weekly lootbox wins today playing Junkenstein’s Revenge but only received credit for FOUR wins (currently 8/27 for the 1st week Genji skin)

VERY annoying, will try the game reset and see if that works.

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Also happening to me again, after being a problem for basically every event since they implemented this system.


Sitting at 8/9 on my last win for the skin and credits are not registering ):< first time encountering this bug just gimme the skin blizzard

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lmao this garbage started back with Archives and they never even acknowledged it, much less fixed it. too busy shredding evidence and obstructing justice to fix a few lines of code. :rofl:

get bent blizzard. hopefully the damages from the lawsuit and the impending failure of ow2 puts the company under for good.

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Guys, this is a known issue.

Play PVP modes to work around this problem

It’s a bug? I just figured there was a cooldown period or something to prevent us from getting all of our weekly event points in an hour by playing just Junkenstein on easy.

Unbelievable. This has been a thing for a year. It was never fixed or acknowledged. At least 1/3 of the games don’t even count for me.
So not only made it time consuming to get earn the rewards, but also made it even worse with this “bug”.
Why should I buy OW2?

Such fun!

I noticed it as well. Some Junkenstein games just won’t count towards the event.

Same problem, it happened when junkenstein’s revenge was released during archives too.

Same problem here. I am at 7/9 weekly arcade wins but only 8/27 for the weekly skin reward. I did 4 games last night and 3 just now so it did not register the last three games.

I’ll do everyone better. Uninstall this garbage and play a game that’s actually fun and enjoyable.

i rather play OW then any other game

Or you guys can just fix the issue itself, especially since it’s a known issue.

He doesn’t work for blizzard.

Well, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. Just noticed it happening to me as well

알면 좀 고쳐라 시벌놈들아
매년 존나 답답하게 이게 뭐니

Yeah, my points are stuck at 4/9.

thanks for the tip. but hopefully they solve the problem anyway. It is quite annoying for skin hunters to have to quit the game every time when they could take advantage of the 20% xp bonus with teammate group in pve (and therefore more lootboxes per level up). :disappointed_relieved: Especially for endless modes.

the problem is more annoying knowing that it is present from summer games and it is back. :slightly_frowning_face:

Literally fourth game of Junkenstein with zero points and I need one damn game to get my Genji skin. Fix your crap, Blizzard. This new system sucks. Match it with the old 9 arcade wins like before.