Add to Health Pool. Action is weird now

So i remember there being something about taking away temporary Shields & Armor from the game. Everything is now “overhealth” Like Brig & Ball for example. However, the rule “still works”? in the workshop. As in, it functions correctly, but the visual is gone…
So for Example, the “Add Health Pool to Player” action has 3 settings:

  1. Armor, Shields & Health
  2. Recoverable? True/False
  3. Revaluation? True/False

IF the selected HP type is Recoverable, it appears as normal. (Armor = Orange. Shields = Blue & HP = White) However, if recoverable is set to False, Shields & Armor show up blank & Health shows up as the new Green overhealth. Evern though it doesn’t show up, the Armor still has the 30%? damage Redux untill it’s used up. (And idk why you’d use Shields with not recoverable, but it’s an option none the less)

I guess my question is, anyone know a work around for that? As in, if i wanted to give a hero Temporary Armor & have it show up in the HP bar. Or atleast a better way of showing someone they have armor without building a HUD just for that…


Yeah I don’t know a work around sadly.

I made a “megathread” on the bug report forums with all the Workshop and custom game bugs I’ve found and this was one of them, the thread got zero interactions of any sort so I don’t have any hopes of the workshop bugs getting fixed any time soon.

I’m having the same issue. I hope this gets fixed.

For temporary healthpool. set Recoverable = false, and Revaluation = true (ensure entire health pool is added to player)