Add a scoreboard please

I think having a scoreboard would greatly improve Overwatch for nontoxic players.

The MOST important difference would easily be that players could see how often their vulnerable heroes were being killed. I believe this would cause less toxicity - as I can’t image many people would blame an Ana for not healing if they could track how often they were being attacked throughout the game. Ana can’t defend herself well, so she needs peel.

Peeling in a random matchmaking setting would be MUCH easier. Additionally, you could tell when it’s one player struggling a lot, or an enemy player DOMINATING. Maybe it’s not even that your Ana is that vulnerable, but instead it’s the Genji who’s having a really good game. This helps! It reduces accusations! Right?

At least make an experimental gamemode of it. I would bet my monitor that people would generally accept the addition. Plus it takes way less dev time than other solutions to toxicity.

They won’t. It will make people pull up the scoreboard and criticize their teammates for not having enough kills or too many deaths or whatever and the Blizzard playerbase can’t take criticism.

They are open to the idea

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I think they’re adding one for OW2, so…congrats!

I don’t care about basic stats, but advanced stats at the end of the match would be really interesting. I don’t care to blame people, but want to see the details of the fight in number form.

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For real. I feel like this game is really hard to improve at with the first-person perspective. Replays help a bunch but they take a minute just to load into.