Account bugged in ranked system

My account is bugged with the rank system, I have gone 7 wins 3 losses,7 wins 3 losses, 7 wins 2 losses, and 7wins 4 losses for my last 4 placements
and have not ranked up. Since the game doesn’t have an in game ability to track win loss for the placement card you are on I am forced to do it in a notepad and the above has been my last 4. Overall that is a 70% win rate toping the healing and dmg meters without a rank up. My account has to be bugged because of the inability for me to rank up in this game regardless of me playing better than most people in each game and winning.


maybe you suck and are too toxic?

Your account isn’t bugged. This is exactly why the MM is garbage. They need to go back to OW1 MM where you climb/fall based on wins and losses, none of this crappy algorithm determining your rank.

I think you meant MMR.

But neither that or the MM have actually changed since OW1. Just a few tweaked parameters.

The should definitely come out abd explain how matches impact MMR. A few basic example would probably shut a lot of people up.

The game does have a way to see the progress. Go to the main screen for comp, it’s on the bottom right and you scroll over to the one you want.