Absolute Joke of an eSport

why can’t the game detect that it’s own server disconnected? Why do I lose 50 sr for literally no reason other than terrible luck. Such a terrible game. CS:GO does NOT have this problem. Neither does League. No wonder people take those eSports seriously and Overwatch is considered nothing but a source for X-rated images.


Lol diamond rank competitive matches are not esports


This game as a whole is an eSport.

This game is as serious of an esport as Mario Kart is.


exactly what I am saying

And yet the creators are the only one who don’t see that.


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Um no. That’s like saying call of duty as a whole is an esport.

And for the record, I agree that overwatch is a poor esport, but saying “this game is a horrible esport because I lose sr for server disconnects” makes absolutely no sense.

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If a server crashes, you will see the gameplay freeze a bit and the message “Server closed due to an unexpected error.” appears, then all players are returned to the lobby and the previous match is considered “no-contest”. If you are getting “Lost Connection to the Server” on the title screen, or “Failed to Connect to the Server” in the text chat dialog. That is NOT a server problem and instead is related to your connection to the game server. Yes, this can include situations where your general internet connection does NOT drop.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

These games connect to different datacenters than that of Overwatch (obviously). Again if a problem is happening between you and the game server, it will only affect Overwatch. If you wish to find out exactly why your connection to Overwatch is dropping, consider running a WinMTR test. If you need help, the technical support forum is available.


Get a better conection then.


I am ethernet connected in.

And i play over usb tether from my handy that i conected to some 4g tower a few km away and disconect like once a month.

Get better ethernet then.

Are you using a repeater?

You would expect that losing a player is “eh, we lose that player, that is 50sr. it is on them”

But if you lose ALL of your players, then, it is a server problem, and it shouldn’t.

Like, you are right, not a hard problem to detect.

In the OCE, we play QP before playing Comp, because if you see constant drops of other players in QP, it is NOT a day to comp.

The servers are garbage out here. AWS in Sydney being flakey for Overwatch is not a special event.

Ever since the first StarCraft saw some success as an esport, Blizzard have been trying to turn every one of their games into an esport. Even friggin WoW they tried to turn into one, with WoW arenas, and that failed pretty badly (it had exactly the same kind of balance problems OW has; hmm, different game and different decade, but the same problems) while also killing regular pvp in that game.

OW is a fun casual shooter with crazy abilities and nice art, but as a serious esport like CounterStrike? LOL no, it’s a joke in comparison. Too much cheese and big flashy easy to use abilities, bad map design, and a perpetual state of imbalance (musical chairs on what is op).

Their top down method of trying to turn games into esports always fails. They decide a game is going to be an esport and build it around that idea, but that only makes it unfun and caters to a narrow slice of the playerbase, which causes the popularity and playerbase to decline. Good esports are the opposite: they are fun for everyone first, and the esport aspect grows up out of that.

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To elaborate, Blizzard no longer uses Amazon Web Services for remote datacenter hosting. They work with Google now.

Oh do they?
Huh, there is a think I didn’t know!
We are about to move to do the same I think.

People still do the “is this going to be a flakey day” check out in the OCE. maybe it isn’t needed any more? That would be a great thing.

Thank you WyomingMyst!

Contrary to popular belief, there is a ton of networking infrastructure between you and blizzard’s server, and any hiccup along the way can be the cause of you getting dropped. Your connection to blizzard’s servers can also be a completely different route than the the CS:GO servers which can be located in a completely different placed, which means your connection to one server can have trouble while another appears fine.

If Blizzard actually had significant reliability issues with their networking then there wouldn’t be plenty of people like myself who have never experienced that issue at all. It would happen all the time and a lot of people would be complaining.