Abnormally long Queue times on PS4

Since last patch, queue times on PS4 have been really long at all times of day for all roles.

I realize this could just be a result of people not playing the game, but the contrast in Queue times was sudden after the patch change, and has not gone back since.

Furthermore, the game tells me it is a <1-2 minute Queue for Tank or Support every time I queue, but then a tank Queue with a lootbox reward will take me 12 minutes to Queue at 2700 SR. Normal queue times pre patch for me were around 1 minute.

Also queing for DPS seems to have a similar wait time as the other roles, which doesn’t seem right.

I hope this isn’t just the playerbase leaving. Hope there is a bug that can be worked out.


This is very true. More people are complaining about it on Reddit. Something is drastically wrong here with the queue times. I expect 10 minutes on DPS at peak hours. But Support and Tank list less than 2 or 3 minutes and you must wait for over 10, even with rewards offered,. PLEASE fix this. Something went really haywire with queue times,


What is weirder is that I have done multiQ3 stacks with all 3 roles, and before the last patch we would get 0 on DPS 9 out of 10 times.

I played 4 of these Queues today and we got double DPS twice and someone on DPS every game. What’s even weirder is these were the combinations with the highest SR disparity between us.

Something is strange with Queues, it seems like DPS queue hasn’t been affected, and the other roles are now much much longer.

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This has been happening to me all week! Queue estimated times for tank and healer have be less than 2 mins and the quickest game queue I’ve had has been 8mins… The only game mode I haven’t had issues with is Mystery Heroes in arcade. I’m really just hoping it’s a bug that can be fixed quickly and not the game dying…


This has been happening to me and my group of friends. We normally are around 5-6 minute queue times for a 4-5 stack, but now we generally wait about 15 minutes. 10 minutes has been the shortest queue time we’ve gotten.


Same thing, posted here as well. This is unacceptable and needs to be prioritized

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Can confirm, not normal for a support main…what happened?


I’m glad this is getting some traction. Please make sure to report if you see similar issues and get your friends to report or confirm. I think this has just gone unaddressed or unseen by Blizzard and they may not know it’s happening.

It has drastically shifted my Overwatch experience and I fear it will turn people off to playing if it continues, seeing as its 3x the Queue times.


Yeah this is extremely annoying and it makes it really hard for me to want to play the game.

Grouping up with six people using the group system usually takes about 3-6 minutes to find a game, but now when it gets to 20 minutes I just leave. It’s really hard to want to play when it takes longer to wait for the game then the actual game itself.

I grouped up with some friends and I selected all roles and managed to get dps twice. The only time the I got matches with normal times is when me and my two friends just selected everything.

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Agreed. Someone at Blizzard needs to confirm immediately that this is a Bug and not a player population issue. I strongly assume it is a bug, because I don’t see how population could drop overnight like this. Prior to Echo, 6 stacks would queue in 1-3 minutes tops. A 2 stack at 3am NA? Probably 4-5 minutes. Now? Solo queue support or tank requires a 10 min deathmatch prior to game. I captain a sizable OW discord with membership contemplating leaving the game over this issue. Confused why a mod or Blizzard employee hasn’t commented about this yet, despite all the Reddit and OW forum posts…

Blizz Support answered over here:

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