A small video compilation showing Teleporter issues

Here’s a small compilation of some highlights I took showing some of the irritations and inconsistencies of Symmetra’s Teleporter. A lot of frustration comes from failed turret bombs, due to the inconsistency of entry porter placement, and how arbitrarily the teleporter reacts to “obstacles.” (What is/isn’t an obstacle is unclear and there are strange interactions with seemingly invisible objects/terrain too.)

When these turret bombs fail, you have completely wasted 30 seconds of turret cooldowns and your TP cooldown.

“But Arcadium, TP bombs are supposed to be a risky play!”

Yeah, risky as in the enemy destroys it quickly, or the enemy moves away. Not risky as in the Teleporter glitched out and simply didn’t work properly. Anyway here’s the compilation. Please excuse my video “editing” this is literally my first time doing a thing:

In the first 2 sets of clips, you can see that I try to TP bomb, but my TP detects an obstacle and doesn't place where I expect it. Then, using those SAME turrets, I try to readjust my position and the TP behaves unpredictably weirdly again!

Next, we see some placement issues with railings and ledges. (Hopefully the ledge thing gets fixed with the railings thing.)
Then we see some self-destruct glitching. And the last clip may have just been me not noticing the TP place itself higher in the split second before I deployed it, who knows.

In addition to this compilation, I have added a few clips from other Symmetra players:

Please also check out this forum post where I detail some of these issues further, and explain the buffs and QoL changes the Teleporter needs:

I beg y’all to keep this alive, no ability should be this buggy and inconsistent, especially when it’s the key ability of a character. Symmetra is her TP, and if the TP is garbage and buggy and glitchy, she is too.


its one of the things that’s holding her back.


I noticed a few updates ago Blizzard removed the kill Icon for when the tele self destructs.

It’s not as bad a it used to be, but it’s still bad and could be better. Since it’s an ability that really dictates your aggression having it wasted hurts a lot.


So buggy. Yes we want buffs for it but the bugfixes and consistency issues are kind of a key point. I really hope it gets fixed soon. Her key ability should be reliable and consistent, at the very least.


…and get rid of railings while you’re at it!

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I feel like railings are so meaningless. Just make them effectively holograms or something if they’re so important to the aesthetics.


Just have TP ignore and destroy railings.

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That’s probably easier said than done if it hasn’t been a thing till now, unfortunately.

Yeah, as it is always said:

“The simplest solutions are the most often overlooked.”

Don’t know where I heard that but it always rings true.

Heck, came up with this myself while sitting in the toilet:

Know how Wrecking Ball can destroy railings just by simply rolling into them in Ball Form and even when not achieving max speed? You know, the one where you harmlessly bump into enemies in humiliation when you didn’t get enough momentum?

Code in the TP ignoring railings, then code in the TP having the same collision detection of Wrecking Ball’s Ball Form in normal transit.

Should take 3 months of development and testing tops (maybe 5 with Console coding/permissions)

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An even easier solution is to create a 3-5m radius splash damage effect around the tp when it’ss deployed but set the damage to be friendly for both sides.

Oh lord you’re a genius. I think the problem is more before it deploys. That’s when it acts wonky. Could make the deployment placeholder act as such a damage source though? So basically you can just delete railings wherever you’re about to place it.

I really hope this gets seen. Having a character’s main ability and selling point be this unreliable is just… Oof.

Also strong agree with the linked post about speeding up the tp and improving the Interact radius.

My absolute dream changes for Sym would be:

Interact radius increased by 1-2 metres
Deploy time reduced by 0.5s
All inconsistencies and bugs fixed

Base hp increased by 25

New passive
25 shield aura within 12m

…She’d be a complete, whole, healthy character and I’d probably retire from the forums.

It’s so crazy that the TP can be so inconsistent. Like yes we all know she needs buffs but to he THIS buggy is crazy!