A ping system to callout flankers

“You’re powered up. get in there!”

All you gotta do is hit tab to see what ally Ults are available to combo, and still that doesn’t happen as the norm. A ping system isn’t going to solve the lack of game sense in random queues.

Most people’s callouts are too slow. Id rather be able to just push a button and mark exactly where someones at, or coming from, immediately. Not "uhhh, crees flanking up top beh ("itssss highhhhh noooooon"ind us *pew pew pew, everyones dead). With Apex, it’s awesome being able to mark exactly where someones at, and being able to ping multiple times allows you to mark the direction there moving. Now obviously it wouldn’t be as good for some heroes like a tracer, but slower heroes like hog and cree that are flanking it would be a god send.

Just give like a “enemy flanking ping” and a “Being dove/need peeling” ping, and maybeeee a “group up in this area/attack this way ping”. Realistically the 2nd ping could be swapped out with a voiceline callout similar to “I need healing”. But the other 2 would be amazing.

Seems like it would take much longer than saying.

Genji on Mercy

I blame the system and how they handled the game their are so many intricacy that people don’t understand such as checking team ult or composition that they really need to go in and fix it by adding a more in depth training with different scenarios for each class type.

Nah, you bind it to a key and just press that button when looking at them. Its instantaneous. Whereas most people have to process whats going on before making a callout. Usually gets them killed, or turns them into a potato momentarily.

You have to see them, What if you just hear them.

You’d face there direction and press the correpsonding key.

And where does the marker go there is no map?

This sounds terrible compared to “Genji long hall”

It can also work like apex where you point your hit cursor to a location like Kings Row top building entrance to warn of widow or hanzo.

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It puts the ping on whatever the crosshair is lined up with. If your looking at the payload and you ping itll place it there. If your looking at a wall Itd place it there. If someone is pinging a wall and saying its a flanker, you’d know that a flanker is in cover. It’s also not a tool to replace voice call outs, but to increase overall communication and teamwork by providing more options.

Hopefully my rein does’t turn around to ping a flanker

I would personally shoot at my target and tell people where the flanker is

People might have mics, but they might not be in coms. They might be in coms, but they might be too far away to help. The might be close enough to help, but they may not have the ability best suited on cooldown.

Assuming of course Blizzard doesn’t use some weird voice chat system that is flagged by college internet firewalls as piracy, stopping voice chat all together, or that person is capable of hearing or hasn’t turned off their coms because of salty teammates.

Rein can turn by holding right click and keeping his shield forward :smiley: - but Itd be great for supports. I rarely play with voice comms, and ive gotta say the number of times ive been able to ping an enemy in apex and stop our squad from being flanked vs in overwatch has been incredible. Makes you feel less helpless and you know your team is aware of the dangers. However you would definetly have to find a way to limit them, and or give an option to mute individual player pings + voice lines :smiley:

I really need this as a Mercy who will always be camped in spawn by Tracer and Genji.

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Genji camping Mercy…

Reminds me of Pay Day 2 pinging guards. It would leave sonar, Widowmaker’s Ult and Sombra’s skills less useful with ping.

Jeff posted about this exact thing a few days ago and said this was the problem. He said they had one in the early stages and it just didn’t work. By the time you pinged, Tracer was already gone.

Well hes going have to figure something out, because no one wants to be on voice chat and the group up key feels like it does nothing.

If I’m in ur base killin ur dudes, I’m not going to take my crosshair off who I’m killing to point out a flanker when I can just say, “gengi right side”.