A Mercy revert could revive Overwatch

And ana has a heal/anti healer nade, a sleep dart, and a rifle that can heal and harm, and an ult that now gives damage reduction and an immediate burst heal.

I too can make a balanced character idea sound op.

That doesn’t sound OP at all, honestly… Even if I didn’t know the specifics of Ana’s kit.

And neither does titanium’s idea.

it sounds fairly balanced to me.


That was your own team’s fault, dude.

  • You see the enemy has a Mercy. You know she most likely has Rez charged.
  • So instead of doing the smart thing and baiting Mercy’s Rez first, your team ran in and blew three ults to win one team fight.

C’mon, son. That excuse is weak. Resurrect as an ultimate was balanced, since it punished poor ult economy and strategy, and rewarded enemies who were smart and had a plan for Mercy and threw her Rez back to her face, forcing her to swap.


Mass rez played into the rest of an otherwise enjoyable kit with a moment to actually save the point whether it be rezzing that one person with that ult or the ever illusive 5 man rez bringing a lost overtime fight back.
It was a heck yeah moment.

On top of that “more abilities”
Rez is painful to use requiring the babysitting of my team or me to actively hide to use it if the enemy aren’t incompetant and Valkyrie is just an EZ mode that takes away all the fun of the base kit for entire fights at a time
It also negates skill as an ally team can’t tell the difference between a god tier Mercy everywhere she needs to be and one that just popped valk and flew to the skybox.


While I dont think a straight up revert would be the best it is at least an option in my opinion. In case anybody wants to read something have the new Titanium thread with a new rework idea put together by several people.

I mean rez warranted a D tier hero anywhere Ana was even playable so that idea Titanium presented is stupidly UP given how much counterplay it enables.

Okay, just gonna stop you there. Goodbye. If you think uninstalling the game is going to prove a point to Blizzard, then you are VERY wrong. They don’t care if you uninstall! They still got your money! You’re the one who loses out, because now you have to re-install the game if you ever want to play again. So you think you’re being smart, but you’re being stupid.

Better buff it later than have an OPAF monster and nerf it 11 (?) times. Thats just my opinion tho and I can see if you think it has to much counterplay.

Mercy is nowhere near the core of the problem…but sure use it Mercy Mains, I support you.

Pros: “Adding a decent scoreboard, a match system and replay system would revive the game”

Casuals: “Lore would be nice for players to come back to”

Streamers: " A permanent game-mode and/or single-player mode would bring more players"

Also pros: “Faster and scheduled balance patches are a necessity for the future of the game”

#RevertMercy Cult ™: A MeRcY REvErT COulD ReVIvE OVeRWaTCH


Just curious, but i’ve checked your profile. There’s an incredibly large margin between Mercy playtime and the other heroes. Have you not consider perhaps playing another hero? If something isn’t enjoyable then don’t force yourself to stick to it.

It wasn’t a mistake. She needed to be toned down.

Or it will have the complete opposite effect and people would be leaving by the truck-loads. I certainly would pack up and leave if they brought back “Mass rez ez victory” mode.


Zen’s ult grants value during a team fight and has counterplay in nano granade, and he has to actually be close to his allies. Not to mention his ult doesn’t prevent people from getting one shot. Mercy’s ult, well former ult, is the only ult that gets value after a team fight has already been lost. That’s the difference, but you can choose to be biased and ignore it.

no it actually wasn’t rez as an ultimate was extremely bad for enemy team’s ult economy. Usually you have to spend at least one ult to win a team fight although it’s always mostly 2 ults. Mercy’s rez negated that and forced you to spend more ults to do the same thing you just did few seconds ago, but this time it’s questionable if you could do it again. So in reality, mercy’s ult costed 3 enemy ults to be shut down. No other ult does this. Not to mention it’s the only ult in the game that can get value after a team fight has already been lost. It was in no way balanced.

This right here :point_up:



Dream on. Toxicity was always bad.

LOLLLL. Wow that is one massive stretch.


And preferably make Valk a toggle ability

Why is it that I never hear players like Cupcaake complaining about Mercy?

But how is it even a problem ?