A gift for you: Inside the latest Winter Wonderland skins

A gift for you: Inside the latest Winter Wonderland skins

’Tis the season for the coziest event in Overwatch!

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wow… now what about OW2? Oh and you know maybe the whole workforce thing?


2022 will be huge. I am under NDA, so I can’t tell you why, but man… You would be impressed if you knew what I knew.


Stop telling muggles, us pure bloods getting a card from papa bliz as long as we be goody lil kids

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OMG GUYS A NEW MAP AND A NEW CHARACTER… despite every leaker saying that OW2 is not ready


It sucks because there’s glimpses of actual journalism on Kotaku stuffed between click bait articles about twitch streamers or severely rushed stories with seemingly little thought put into them. Same with a place like Dexerto.
Gaming journalism likes to demolish its own integrity it seems.

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That’s not even exclusive to gaming: journalism in general has been on the decline. My father was a journalist, and even he agrees that journalism isn’t what it used to be (and not in the good way).

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Blizzard when that one guy in the Content Creator meeting takes a screenshot of what’s being shown:

These articles about skins are really boring now. Take a couple of quotes from the artists then example in the most basic way how they come up with the idea.

Honestly would love more insight into the 3d modeling parts and more detail than we made Hammond more xmasy cause it’s xmas.



“Dvas second winter skin”

She only has one…?


Why are people making offtopic comments?

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Why are you on the Overwatch forums? The only devteam with absolutely no blame for all this?

Blizzard - Endless game delays and employee harrassments
Ubisoft - A studio made where artists are forced to make NFT’s and employee harrassments
EA - Sports. Its in the game!
Riot - Crunch time and employee harrassments

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lol did they really said this?

Kinda reminds me when they implied symm didn’t had legendary skin for the longest because of the “multiple symmetra events”when she only had 1 event with the marammat skin.
They are so out of touch even with their own game no wonder why this game is declining.

The link gives me a “Page Not Found” error :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Man if you knew what i knew then you would knew OW will still be dead in 2022.

ooh sorry i broke the NDA.

didn’t we find out the reason like a month ago?

I’m glad someone else noticed that, I wasn’t sure if I was forgetting about some limited time skin or something. I am glad she finally has a winter skin, this one is hype.

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DISAPPOINTMENT, there fixed it for you.

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Are there any elite content creators? Haven’t seen any in this game in years. If you are talking about the ones from the last exp card, well they are about all the game has for content creators. They are the captain going down with a sinking ship.