A Few Questions

  1. If you get caught aimbotting is the ban permanent? (I hope so)
  2. Are there attacks that Sigma’s black hole cannot absorb and go through?
  3. Similar question, but for Orisa’s baton charge.
  4. Are there attacks that Doomfist can block but won’t charge his fist?

Beam attacks cannot be eaten (zarya, Sym, mei)

  1. Yes, and iirc they’re usually IP or hardware bans so they’re harder to get around than a regular account ban. They can be appealed as the automated system sometimes has false positives (especially for highly skilled players; Overwatch League player Birdring just recently got a cheating ban)

  2. Yes; Kinetic Grasp blocks the same pool as Dva’s Defense Matrix, and Javelin Spin has the same one as Genji’s Deflect. Grasp and Matrix block everything except Beams and Melee attacks (Roadhog’s Hook is considered a melee attack), while Deflect and Javelin Spin also block Melee attacks. The only exceptions to this is Sigma’s Rock and Ramattra’s pummel, which seem to be their own projectile type. Rock can only be blocked by barriers and Pummel can’t be blocked at all.

  3. ^

  4. Doomfist’s punch charge is based on damaged blocked. If there is anything that deals damage but doesn’t charge, it’s probably a bug.

Ramattra’s Pummel are ranged melee attacks, so that’s why they aren’t blocked.

Also, Orisa"s Javelin spin actually blocks melee attacks, just like Genji’s deflect, so Pummel will be blocked.