90MS Latency in both US East and West Coast games

Since the last few days I have been playing at 90MS Latency for both East and West coast, when normally I play at 47MS for East and 102-105MS for West. Does anybody know if there is a way to fix this issue? or is this a serve issue on Blizzards end?

If you’re playing on PC, make sure to include your WinMTR.

may I ask how to include it? im not very tec savvy. sorry for the inconvenience

Running WinMTR - Blizzard Support (battle.net)

There are additional instructions in the link I provided in my first reply.

If you edit/delete too much, you get locked out.

do you have access to tickets? i included it in my ticket to a gamemaster but still cannot share it in this post.

Unfortunately, no. I’m a volunteer, not a staff member. You could post it on Pastebin.com and link here. You just need to add a space before the .com to break the link and allow it to be posted.