90 percent of everyone under level 50 is a smurf

I guess this explains why I was getting destroyed by other level 1 players when i started playing last night haha

And would you care to tell me how one would continue to keep their account in a position where they play against inexperienced players? Could it be, perhaps, by throwing games in order to stay ranked lower?

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I’ve never seen it used this way until Overwatch.

I’ve never seen it used the way you state it should be until overwatch.

My problem is, when people buy a new account to play heroes they’re already good at. I’m a support main and I got this account to learn how to play Main Tank, but someone my level who 1v6s is annoying

Jeff himself said that they do not break the rules just by having another account a few hours ago when someone asked if Smurfing was considered Cheating.

It’s unfortunate, but true.
Gotta reel in the dough somehow.

Right here in this thread;

‘Smurfing’ by the way, means someone who is a high level on a new account.
An experienced person making a new account and starting over with the MMR is not against the rules.

Boosting and trolling are. So, if the smurfs are literally just smurfing to help their gold friend reach diamond or something; that’s against the rules.

I didn’t even finish reading and knew that you were going to say smurf, because its true. That’s sad.

Nobody ever said anything about staying there with new players. If you buy an alt and happen to smurf your first few comp games due to being placed then it’s just a normal alt after that is absolutely fine. Could it be, perhaps, you’re changing the argument again?

I think the divide is just coming from the fact that it says purposes

If someone gets a new account because they love the game so much they necessary don’t want to play against inexperienced player for an easy win they just have to while matchmaking try to find your rank

How are they supposed to tell the difference?

But how can you tell?

My problem with smurfs is that they first need to grind up to their specific level.

Meaning a Master/GM smurf must first grind through diamond to get to their specific skill level.

That also doesn’t factor in the smurfs who buy accounts to play with their lower level friends. They are then not playing at their skill level.

This is my problem. There are too many smurfs which equates to too many times I get rolled by an enemy that isn’t of my skill level. OR my team does the rolling since we have a M/GM smurf. Those aren’t fair games.

I’m not saying it’s cheating like some out there, I’m saying that there’s too many loopholes which make it a problem.

You can’t unless you catch them throwing. Other than that do nothing.

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Well for all I know that 400h Mercy main playing torb could be throwing… or not. So throwing in of itself is a bad standard.

Or it’s a 400h Mercy main trying out Torb. Going from a hero who doesn’t need to aim (please nobody kill me I’m talking about relative to his primary fire) to someone with a hard to hit primary and having to babysit the turret is a huge leap.

I can see why Smurfing is frown upon here. I know this cause I did it for one of my accounts in Dota 2. After a while, I stop using it all together for some weird reasons.

By definition, smurfing is someone (probably experienced to high skill) makes a new account to play with and against newbies. So when newbies are facing them, yeah, not that great, and you can easily tell who is a Smurf by how they play their heroes.

Now there is nothing wrong with buying a new account and starts over (a healer main buy a new account to play dps or tank without getting flamed on the main), I am perfectly ok with that.

But when you deliberately throw games to put yourself in low rank just so you can crush newbies and bad players, you are a **** and needs to be removed.

However, the line between Smurfing and Trolling is pretty thin. Both are ****s, ruining the fun for everyone, but one do this for their own twisted sense of humor (like xQc’s stream snipers), while the other just wants to feed their ego by winning easy match instead of actually trying to earn it.

So, buying a new account is fine, trolling is not. Also, there is an epicdemic of smurfs on consoles since I believe the game sharing system allows you to have as much alts as you want?

Thus it proves my point: You cant tell.

Did you change your icon? o.o

Yes. Some rando was pretending I was a Mercy main and I felt so objectified. So I figured I would just make it official.

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I get the feeling we’re going to see Overwatch 2 coming out soon. I think Blizzard is selling this game for so little now because they want some quick cash before they announce that a sequel is coming out. In the meantime they’re getting a lot of their money from people who already have an account. Smurfs are not a concern, so much as OWL is. That’s why there are known OWL streamers who have smurfed that have had nothing happen to them, however if they soft throw at GM level, they’re banned. Kind of a double standard, but hey, who am I to judge when they’re the one’s making hundreds of millions of dollars off this model.

Or maybe, just maybe, they’re selling it for so little because two-year-old games go on sale sometimes.