90 percent of everyone under level 50 is a smurf

They are confident that those Widows will be adjusted to their skill rating before long. Not sure why they are… But they are!

That’s not what smurfing is… There’s a very important distinction I’m trying to clarify because his terminology is wrong. An account lower than level 50 is not the same as a smurf.

last comp match i played (been not playing for 2 weeks now) the enemy team had a lvl 47 3300 smurf while we had a 2800 plat that didn’t know anything about the game and he just got placed in that rank cause he is high rank in cs go and has good aim.

If you’re smurfing but are at a low level and rank in comp you are a smurf until it reaches your normal rank. Since when has smurfing required throwing games beforehand? Doesn’t it just have to be you playing with lower ranks? That can be on a new account.

anyways whatever you say about it doesn’t matter because the devs think playing at lower ranks with a new account will just get you ranked properly so you can’t report it. And they call it smurfing.

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No a smurf is an account that deliberately throws to purposely play against lower players. Someone who just happens to be paired against them but is still trying to rank up is not a smurf.

They have never called it smurfing.

Serious question: Is smurfing cheating?

In context (the thread name he responded to) Jeff calls it smurfing.


Except that is a matter of opinions
I always called smurfs AND alts “smurfs”, that is until I joined the forums and realized that the handful of forum goers use smurf as a negative connotation towards low level accounts of player purposely throwing/runining games

Maybe Aria will make a thread dumpstering Jeff for not understanding smurf terminology.
Look at this ugly font spacing I can’t even tell^ there’s a space between ‘dumpstering’ and ‘Jeff’ but apparently there is.

He did not use the word smurf anywhere in that post.

Someone asked if smurfing is cheating, he answered directly to a question about smurfing what is and isn’t against the rules. He didn’t go and put that on a thread about someone complaining about throwers, he put it on a thread specifically talking about smurfs.

Is there any official data to back up your 90% claim, or is it just a number you pulled out of thin air based on your own anecdotal experience?

He provided a clarification because the term is often and mistakenly used to refer to both. His clarification that alt accounts (not smurfs) are perfectly fine, and that accounts that throw (smurfs) are bad and are punishable.

It’s history is based on players who create fake accounts to fool people that are worse than them into playing them so they can win. It’s not really an opinion, the word is just very commonly misused.

You don’t have to throw to smurf.

Oh and I found this definition on google.

I found others but they all said the same thing (not exact wording but always a new account/new username to fight new players)

It’s not misused
It was used to describe 1 thing but then one day someone used it to associate to the negative connotation of it and some people started referring to it as only that while many more still use the term for both sides of the spectrum.

If they quit that quickly, then they just didn’t like the game. It had nothing to do with smurfs.

Smurf? no
Alt account? yes

I guess this explains why I was getting destroyed by other level 1 players when i started playing last night haha

And would you care to tell me how one would continue to keep their account in a position where they play against inexperienced players? Could it be, perhaps, by throwing games in order to stay ranked lower?

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I’ve never seen it used this way until Overwatch.

I’ve never seen it used the way you state it should be until overwatch.