70% of Tank Players Are Priority People And Its Ruining Games

That’s putting it mildly.

it’s like you don’t want anyone to tank. There’s no way to “put some time into it” and make it palatable. It’s flawed at its very core.

Color me not surprised. Pretty much everyone said this pass system will result in people just flexing to farm the tickets and not caring about winning.

Yeah, its mostly the bad matchmaker and lack of any MMR/SR resets. People who got a rank before role queues will carry that rank to tank even if they’ve literally never played tank before. Plus the matchmaker is optimized for player retention, which involves trying to give each team a 50% chance of winning, even if a player really shouldn’t be in that rank. Means it’ll probably take hundreds of games over multiple seasons to go to a proper rank, assuming it happens at all. But if they’re just doing it for priority passes, it’ll take way longer… The priority pass itself is a good system, it just shines a spotlight on the pre-existing horrible matchmaking.

Well they are definitely encouraging people to play tank now. This was always going to be the end result, though. Hard to care about the game when you completely ignore all of the fundamentals that come with it.

i still cant believe the devs actually think its a good idea to let everyone start high ranked /same MMR as their main role and ruin thousands of games. (not even taking smurfs into account)

its really sad how disconnected the devs are sometimes

still not as bad as the people who play dps ana

The matchmaker will eventually push them out into ranks they belong on those roles.

I haven’t even noticed a difference in my games, aside from that I have faster queues on all roles. I think people just like to scapegoat their losses.

Just because YOU haven’t noticed a difference doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

If you would open your eyes you would see that MULTIPLE people and a majority of the community has complained about the priority q and flex q mess.

“It’ll fix itself eventually” is a garbage excuse for games being ruined.

The only thing that deteriorated was the already abyssal lack of skills from the dps after the system got added. I say basically 0 changes when it comes to tanks.

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Other than the fact that most tanks are being ran by DPS players because flex q is just Tank Q number 2.

Games are not ruined. I think it is you who is making excuses.

OFC people are gonna take a convenient opportunity to deflect blame for a loss.

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Ah yes.

The system where players get to play other roles they don’t care about and even IF THEY LOSE THEY STILL get the priority ticket. Nothing wrong with that. Totally doesn’t lead to people not trying nor caring because they still get the reward anyway.

Yeah you’re right man. I’m just mad I lose my games.

I’m just mad I have my 70%+ winrate right now, I’m just fuming.

Please stop…

The priority system is a problem and isn’t some convenient excuse. It’s an ACTUAL problem, that even BLIZZARD THEMSELVES said is happening but just said the same thing you did “it’ll fix eventually”.

Stop being ignorant about the situation.


Yes. I LITERALLY said they said that?

Can you not read? Are you illiterate?

My point is that it’s a garbage excuse, that they allow people to ruin games in the mean time. That is idiotic. It never should’ve been a problem in the first place.

So, what’s the problem exactly?

Not gonna bother with this bait.

Had to happen. People want faster queues? Well we need more people playing tank. You think those players are gonna spawn out of thin air? If games are being as “ruined” by “garbage tanks” as you say, they will plummet out of their ranks. This is how ranked systems work.

Stop making excuses.

I love it.

Problem with players ruining with games not trying because of a horrendous system.

And your response is deal with it, til it’s gone.

You’re so ignorant it’s hilarious.

I’ll move on from you, have a good day.


Can’t ruin what’s already ruined. The game has been a mess for over 4 years now. Their patch-work systems are not doing anything. Endorsements, Looking for Group, Flex, Priority queue, openqueue etc. They’re just patchwork patches that has no aim or purpose to them.

To me the development team seems less and less like an experienced team on a AAA studio and more like a indie team working on their first game.


When I ranked my first time after role queue on this account, I was put at/around 3.1k~ on ALL ROLES, because that’s where I was when I played previously. I was one-tricking torb up until that point every season.

This is so dang true.

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