7 years later people still discuss pharah and mercy age gap

What a day, people went crazy knowing the ages and birthday of the characters of overwatch, again, why everyone is so surprised of the ages? we know them since 2016, all ow1 characters have their age in their profiles but now shippers again are discussing how pharah got aged up or mercy get younger so they could force the pairing, what? why 5 years seems so much difference? why people get scared of the idea pharah and mercy meet when both where minors in overwatch? this game is a mess, the lore got ruined and people only care for a difference of 5 years


Most people care because they were around each other and we can assume knew of each other because of their overlapping social/professional circles when one was still a kid and the other an adult. Even if they didn’t interact personally, there was still interaction to some degree that would make them hooking up later kinda weird. It just gives some of us the ick and there’s nothing wrong with that imo.


Because people don’t want this forced pairing. It isn’t 2017 anymore.

Basically, they’re looking for any reason for it not to happen, even if it’s a stretch of logic. It was no different with Genji and Mercy’s “doctor-patient” fake controversy.

Though really, this is completely secondary to the Kiriko-Genji/Hanzo age gap. That has actually been a major controversy in the context of Overwatch lore, and a totally avoidable one that they definitely knew about and tried to force anyway. It’s so bizarre.

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for 6 years people assumed pharah fell in love with mercy when both where very young in ow based only on the ana origin story video, that famous photo of all ow veteran agents with child pharah, assumed, but in all ow1 life pharah and mercy have 0 chemistry, and still the ship went without any problem, but then ow2 came out the assumption became canon, but now people is more angry than ever, why? forget the gency shipp, i wonder why so suddenly the idea of pharah and mercy its so impossible, why everyone its so impressed about their ages?

Some oldest michael chu answer:

GDC 2017, about Ana Origins Photo

Michael chu: You’ve got your prime, original generation characters: Gabriel, Ana, Jack, Reinhardt, and Torbjörn. You have an 11-to-12 year old Pharah, you have McCree who’s just been recruited into Blackwatch, you have university-student Mercy who’s visiting the Overwatch base.

17 ago 2016, official forums

User: The picture from Ana’s origin was said to be 20 years ago. She’s currently 37, so she joined Overwatch at the age of 17. By then Overwatch had recognized her ability as a renown surgeon and has a masters in Nanobiotechnology. How can that be possible?

Michael Chu: While Mercy is extremely intelligent and completed her education at a younger age (and in a shorter amount of time than usual), she definitely did not join Overwatch at age 17.

but I understand what you mean, it’s not a 5-2 year difference that should scare a possible relationship, Phamercy or Gency anyway.

im not even talking about ships exactly, is not my point, just how a lot of people dont know basic lore of the characters, we know the ages of every ow1 hero since 2016 and the new heroes until echo. why suddenly everyone its so impressed by pharah and mercy gap and talking about how writters are retconing everything to force a phermercy ship, which maybe they are forcing, but they havent retconed ages… from ow1 characters

I think it’s simply that more people are getting exposed to the ship now that it’s a hot topic and might still have pre-conceived ideas from the picture in Ana’s origin story.

Because in the Overwatch Picture of how Overwatch was made. Mercy was in her early 20s and Pharah might have been like 10 or 12 years old.

So let’s say you are in your late 20s and your friend is like 19 years old and you are like 28 or 29. I mean to this very day it’s kind off putting and people in socially thinks that’s red flags in general.

Pretty much have been thinking about it with Pharah and Mercy because of red flags with that Photo in the Ana Short and Beginning of the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer.

Probably best for Pharah to have a love interest with one of her comrades or just be single really.

the gap is 5 years kid

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as I already said in this comment, and from the official biographies (mercy: 39 years old, Pharah: 34 years old), the gap is only 5 years. The problem of age does not arise, having already extrapolated the information that from the photo of Ana orgins Meryc was not yet a member of overwatch and was already dedicated to advanced studies. Even in New Blood vol 5 you can see a little photo of Fareeha and Angela hanging out as almost the same age, it’s not a terrible thing regardless of the thought of a ship between them.

you can very well be right without calling people “kid”. :neutral_face:

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it is, people have to repeat all the time phara and mercy gap is only 5 years, has been that way since 2016, there is no retcon, people keep saying that, they need to be teached like kids

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Ya this is the main problem it literally makes no sense

But pharah mercy was the first time it happend the showed one thing then the ages were different from what was shown

Your talking to a grown man not a kid.