6gb size update on background download?

I just opened battenet today and overwatch showing background update size of 6gb.
Got big update coming soon or something wrong with my file data?

Background updates are just to speed up future patches. It probably contains whatever has been deemed “final” on the current PTR.


Hm, Friday patch day to shatter expectations?

6 gig is a fair sized patch

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It would definitely shatter mine. But probably not. They just started testing stuff, did they not?

They just finished testing stuff. PTR is just a check for last second game-breaking bugs before live. It’s entirely possible if they’re already pushing a pre-patch.

Where they secret add hero 29 and 30 at once…

I jest, but it would blow my mind if they threw something major on the PTR and just said nothing about it and let us find it ourselves.

I get that, I just doubt the new hero is coming with it, in that case, they might have just staggered the Reaper/Hog/Sym/Mercy changes and we have to wait for the Bastion/McCree/Doom changes which might launch at the same time as the new hero. I am not sure. The sooner the better in my opinion. I just keep low expectations to not end up disappointed.

6GB? I wonder what got cut out. PTR was a 7GB download IIRC.

B.O.B. is a big fella. He requires lots of disk space.


Not gonna lie, earlier today I was thinking about when Ashe would be released to live and figured it would be the around the last week of November to first full week of December along with the PTR changes we knew of. Then tonight not only did the background download show up but I also saw a forum post talking about the Doomfist, Bastion, and McCree changes going to PTR.

If this download is for the first set of PTR changes, minus the new character, then with them should also be the map changes to Route 66 as well (though I don’t see how that could result in a 6 gb download). So unless they are also prepping for Ashe latter down the road I wonder what the devs snuck into this upcoming patch then.

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Ashe is in the patch. She’s done. No gamebreaking glitches. Good to go.

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Everyone details here:



BOY i would love to be proven wrong!


Backend changes. So,basically nothing too interesting for us. Only good thing I could think of is some bonus optimizations.


it was 7GB, everyone discovers the transfer after some % was already downloaded, how do I know?, screenshots all over facebook, but I opened the client and I saw it start.