-50 points for nothing

Right after last update (it was w d game event) I got -50 points because “I leaved game”. But I didn’t. It was following situation:

  1. I was finding game
  2. Game was founded but I didn’t join because “server error”
  3. I so “joing/rejoing the game” button, but nothing happend when I clicked
  4. At the end I got -50 but it wasnt’ my foult.

May I get my point back?


Blizzard doesn’t give SR back.

As a result, if you play a match while having technical issues, and you drop from the match, your account may be penalized. Blue Posters and our Customer Support team have no way to remove the penalties. This is because the system is working the way it was designed. Instead, we focus on troubleshooting the thing that originally caused the problem. If we fix that, you shouldn’t have problems anymore.

Same issue, on EU-PC server.

Got penalized twice, I lost 150 SR and I am afraid of being banned because of their issues.