-50 for leave after victory

I leave the game after victory and i get -50. I playing so much for earn any SR and now i lost -50 for WIN… :frowning:

If you disconnected and then returned to the same match but took longer than 2 minutes to do so, it will result in an automatic loss and penalty. Details:

That system is awesome… I like it and i will by appreciate when penalties will by highter maybe -100. But I win the match, so many toxics guys so after last fight i just waited for get out RED WARNING from SCREEN and fast leave… I leave after RED WARNING disappeared but still i get -50 for leave. I DONT LEAVED… I want back my 50SR :smiley: maybe try extend RED WARNING after match about 2-3 second for server. And one more thing… Sometimes i lost connection for 5-6 second and it logouted me. Too long for again write my login nad rejoin to battle. Can you extend server reconnecting time please?