5 vs 5 will not work on OW-2. Gears 5 did the same

I wouldn’t think so negatively about it. The tank role is changing to a “brawler” type role. This means doing more of the fun things as a tank rather than standing with a shield all game. They’re being made more engaging, more like chunky DPS with CC. It’ll be different, but hopefully great.

I look forward to the game having some massive changes

It doesnt matter what they change, damage at any level is going to be to high for a single tank to aggro through, we are going to be in a permanent orisa meta

Well, you can either sit and complain about it for months on end, which will inevitably change nothing… or you can wait and see what happens since you can’t quite accurately predict the future meta of a structurally new game!

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actually I can the pattern of balance patches suggest dps are going to become even more powerful and tanks are going to be left behind

laughs You really made this easy for me, ok:

5v5 has 10 players. 4v4 has 8 players.

sighs :upside_down_face: :rofl: :thinking:

Even if the Dev Team know what they are doing , it doesn’t mean automatically the Tank player base will like the new Tank role and the experience of it in game .
The majority of Tank players are gonna like it , or dislike it , or split opinions .
Reworking a lot of things is a huge gamble .

Before Role-queue. OW was dying even more than what is now. 2-2-2 bring a lot of new players to the game and people could start competitive more serious.

Before of that with 4-5 DPS team comps we were “Sick” of that unplayable games cuz now you was “HOPING” with ur fingers crossed some people be enough kind to play tanks/supports and never happen. Some teams were having 5 DPS

Why if “Quick-play classic or open competitive” are so DAM-GOOD so DAM-POPULAR. Why these modes are megadead? nobody plays them.

Also 5 vs 5 will kill the game for TANKS. The waiting time will be same 7-10 minutes for DPS cuz mains-tanks like me will NOT WANTING to solo-tank.

The only thing role-lock need is split off-tank / main-tank & off healer / main healer roles. So you dont end with silly things like hog/hammond or brigitta/zeny

Playing against two oppressive tanks with synergy is a horrible experience. I’ll take 5v5.

Correct, its called “bait”. As in I baited you into giving a surface level explanation, which implies you can’t look any deeper.

You know? Since everyone understands numbers?

Sorry for the mental work out, it must be hard being so awesome. I would know.

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OW2 isn’t being made for the current playerbase. They don’t want us anymore, they want new players they can swindle money from. Make peace with that reality so you can move on when the time comes.

Dont lose your time with Sushi

is a kid of 10 years old. Trolling and playing “Dumb”

I’m well aware, but when I have time to spend, I’ll spend it with anyone talking about any thing.

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Gears 5 isn’t comparable to OW. This must be a bait post.

This would be so ridiculously broken I almost don’t want to comment just in case we could make it a thing. I’d have a damn field day rampaging through squishies like paper all day. I’m awfully difficult to kill on the monkey NOW, you give me double stats and remove a high HP target I’m going to be an absolute death god.

I’m reserving judgement on 5 v 5. I see a lot of potential upside. I see some pretty obvious downside. What other changes get made to tanks is going to be the make or break factor. Everything I’ve seen so far is actually pretty encouraging. Rein and Winston both get new toys that give them options and actually further differentiates them from one another in style.

And single tank play gives the devs a lot more freedom to design new tank heroes. If we don’t have to worry about how Sigma’s kit might interact with Orisa’s kit, or how broken New Tank X may be if played alongside Zarya, or what have you then they can do a lot more things with tank kits and playstyles that they simply couldn’t otherwise.

The real question is going to be D.Va/Hog/Zarya and to a lesser extent Ball. If they can get changes that let them compete as a solo tank, we may not be as bad off as posts like OP think. If they’re rendered obsolete, then we have even bigger problems than we think we do now.

Too soon to tell.

I’ve stopped playing QP ever since role queue became a thing. As long as they still put 6v6 in the arcade I’ll be happy. Now if they decide to make 5v5 the standard in arcade, I will rage.

Wonder if they would find more naive fools to get cash from.


COD is a great example of that.

So yes they will “Buff” the tanks power to be able to Solo-Tank. Is exactly what i said on my First post. That was OBVIOUS and some white-knights on this topic were saying “That was not necessary” Solo tank will be easy etc LOL

But players aren’t AI.

Why would they shoot the meaty target?

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Who said they were? :thinking:

Probably because shooting your opponent is part of the game…just a guess… :rofl: :upside_down_face: