5,000 players ahead of you


This is pretty common for any sort of big release. It happens to WoW, and it happened to OW literally every time a new event or new hero comes out. This is a given. Just give it some time and don’t ever expect to be instantly queued when new content is dropped.


Acceptance is the first step toward recovery. This should be displayed at all times until the game is balanced. :laughing:


Hammond buff!!! :smile::smile::smile:


Hoping you have a great holiday!


Thank you, Bill! The queue is looking much better now.

(Bill Warnecke) #28

Don’t tell Geoff!! :slight_smile:


How many hamsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?


30 000 ahead of u … nice time to put up a patch Blizzard when everyone is at home and want to play, when u think someone actually get payed for that .


5000? ;( I have 30,000


Havent downloaded yet. Probably will be about 300k SMH


Thanks for updating everyone!


Actually that happens when match maker is trying to produce a broken match

Pacific Coast, 7:30pm, 1350 Silver, then it waits 4 minuets and dumps me into a match with like 15 smurfs in it because I can actually heal stuff as a mercy LOL K, right.

Under no circumstance would I ever believe that a fair match would be difficult to produce under the circumstances, not unless there are extra variables involved.


On WoW, you at least get to play the game after a queue, but here you just get thrown in the back again.


I get the argument, but it’s literally a given every single big release/update.

Yet people are surprised about it?

It’s super annoying, but it’s expected at this point. Just wait it out. Go read a book, play another game, etc. etc.


Are you really going to compare LFR que with this? :joy:


i didn’t even know 5000 people played overwatch


Pfft I have 20000 people ahead of me
this is wacky as heck


3 PM on the east coast. 12 PM on the west. Fair to assume that most people are at work, and younger demographic is just getting home from school (unless they have extra-curricular activities.)

It’s as good of a time to release a patch as any, given that people around the globe play this game.


So i was scrolling through this post, and saw yours, and then your player icon changed in front of my eyes. No idea that could happen.


I just changed it. I got the new Mercy icon from my starting loot box.