321>222 simple math

I support the idea. Tanks would need changes to fit in a solo tank world, but I think it would make gameplay more interesting. And yeah, would help with the dps problem.

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I freaking called it.
Let me just say…I told you so!
321>222 it’s logical. Its a win win. Its simple math.
With a player base that prefers dps instead of playing tank this is the most practical solution.
Now time to balance game around 321 and gg!
Glad to know there is someone with brains in the dev team.

Imagine the fun changes to tanks who have to be beefier to be able to solo tank.

If you are so confident in solo tanking 3 DPS in Overwatch then go make a custom game with some friends…
No one in their right mind wants to spend their free time against a bunch of strangers as a digital punching bag

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Some people just cant see the bigger picture uh?

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Three hundred twenty-one is greater than two hundred twenty-two. This is true, it’s simple math.


they obviously didn’t do the right math when posted that…you need to quadruple check your math! 321>222 :wink:

Sadly it’s you who fails to see the bigger picture…

This will move tanks AWAY from the role, so ironically it will increases the queue time for both DPS and Support instead.

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There is no logic on what you are saying…sorry…im still looking at the bigger picture.
You know whats logical 321>222. Yup! That makes sense

The Fallacy of Equivocation isn’t that logical to me

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So what happens if queue times stay the same for dps?

What will you want then?

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I would like to but the future screams of “I don’t want to play X tank! I want to play Y tank!” overshadows the cool buffs that would later be nerfed because some how even with one tank they will still be complained about being to important.

No you didn’t. It’s just as stupid now as it was then. Just because Jeff says he’s experimenting with it doesn’t make it a good idea.

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Your math requires that the number of DPS and tank players stays roughly the same. It won’t.

I guarantee you that more than half of tank mains will either quit or move to DPS. If the tank queue is the bottleneck now, and 70% of tank players stop queueing for tank, maybe most of those take a DPS slot then I don’t think it will improve queue time that much.

yeah 3 tanks 2 support 1 dps. I agree it’s way better that way :smiley:

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Ohh but i did call it…way ahead actually

Called what? This has in no way shape or form been confirmed to be coming. The only confirmation so far has been that they’ve been experimenting with it, and that not everybody testing this internally is happy with the result. As they get player feedback this idea will burn in yesterday’s trash fire. No tanks are going to be okay with this.


Can’t take people seriously who say things like “it’s simple math”. It’s the perfect evidence of a simple mind that thinks highly of absurd analogies.

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Your only tank player would have an awful experience. The queue times would get bigger since no one wants to solo tank.

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