3-2-1 From A Rein Main's Eyes

sighs heavily

Alright. I can see the argument for lowering DPS queues - but I don’t sympathize with it.

However, there seems to be a decent community backing for it, thus this post.

I’ve played many a game pre 2-2-2 and a large number of those meant I was solo tanking as Rein. This has given me a perspective that I’m sure many tank mains can relate to.

The bottom line is this:

If 3-2-1 happens, there must be a “main tank” role and those tanks will have to be absurd juggernaughts – and you’re not going to like that.

In a solo-tank atmosphere (or really, solo-any-role) the game devolves into “kill the tank and roll the rest”. To prevent team fights from ending/snowballing the moment a tank is lost, your Rein/Orisa/Sig (really the only “main tank” viabilities in my eyes) will have to truly be “tanky”. I’m talking huge health pools with a large chunk of that being dedicated to armor (I’m thinking roughly 1/3rd or more of total HP being armor).

With that said, there’s going to have to be damage balancing to go with that. Nobody wants – as much as I would enjoy it – a nigh un-killable Rein being TP’d into your team and going ham but not dying because he’s backed by a good support pair.

What’s the follow-on effect of reducing damage for the heroes deemed “main” tanks? Extremely boring gameplay. If you can’t actuate any effective damage in a team fight your only job is really just… existing. I’d imagine game queues wouldn’t get much better because nobody will be queuing as tanks because they’ll be so god awfully boring.

I personally don’t like the idea of 3-2-1 and I hope you can take my points into consideration.


also heroes like sombra and mei would need reworks
or tanking is legitmately going to be a nightmare

[I’m not a Tank Main, but I do play Main Tank when I’m not playing Damage or Support.]

I’d be fine with getting Kaiju Tanks. Make them nigh unkillable (like a permanent Orisa Fortify) when properly backed by supports - forcing the team to kill supports first ; like the strategy mostly is now.

If they do go with 1/3/2 I hope that happens. That way you can focus the Tank - but your time would be better spent elsewhere.

Mei, Sombra and Reaper would probably need some reigning in with 1/3/2, if it ever gets implemented.

If 3-2-1 becomes meta then so will Mercy since her ability to rez the only tank will be pretty friggin valuable.

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Hey Rein - I love your tanking abilities. I got a question for you.

How many years has this game been out? 3 years?

Say it with me crowd…


I disagree on the reason why she’d be meta, I think she would too but only because she’s great in multi dps comps and always has been, with 3 dps on the enemy team pulling off a rez when the dude who can actually protect you is dead becomes a lot harder but not impossible

How does this relate at all?

Remember, the team playing around this idea were forced to play around it, among other things. and there were people who hated how much pressure the single tank took, but some liked it, because they felt like they were more impactful, and some of the support players were the same

i will leave this paragraph from jeff explaining it

It doesn’t.

Don’t feed the troll.

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