2CP is the worst game mode of all videos games

I cant accept that a game mode like that is competitive


I never understood the hate for 2 CP. Care to explain why you hate it so much?


because it’s literally the most random game mode in the game

It’s my favorite mode. Never understood the hate for it.

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That doesn’t provide any reason as to why you hate. What do you mean by random? What’s wrong with it? The problems with the actual gamemode. You can’t just say you hate something just to hate it.

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I actualy like this mode, but im used to like stuff others dont in other games too…

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Mostly because its staled games or stomp rolls

And some of the maps are really poorly designed


Also the spawn advantages are very unfair and there is a lot of stalling

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Being stomped on koth is as bad, and you still need to wait a lot for it to end

At least there is a fight for the point, which can switch to Attack it, to Defend it constantly

On 2CP the moment you lose the defend, you simply lost, gotta defend the next point, and losing a few teammates pretty much guarantees you losing again

This mode also has to deal with the Sym port strategy, which if you arent ready for, you will likely lose the point on the very first push

Clearly you’ve never played


i hate this mode because its random and i hate when its random. Its not the best team who win but the luckiest. You just need to get some pick at the right moments and then, full hold. gg
Or just a tp on point, like on hanamura and gg

It’s my favourite mode. I think lots of people who say they dislike it just because other people say they dont.

and why other people say they dont ? because this game mode is really bad

Same, it’s crazy how they removed 2 maps but wont remove all of them, the game mode is just bad. Press Q to take, no defensive ult??? GG

It requires perfect ult combos/teamwipes to get the points.

The fact that defenders spawn literally in their spawn doesn’t help either.

The worst part of 2cp. You’ll hold for 7 minutes until OT only to crumble due to OT spawn.

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2CP is both the best and the worst game mode. It’s the best because it’s the one that requires the most teamwork to pull off - it’s the worst for the same reason.

Its my favourite mode actually. I hate king of the kill and payload maps.

My hatred of 2cp goes back when i played TF2. For OW it’s barriers and other nuisance. In TF2 it is bunch of sentries. You need a uber to destroy them.

I don’t think i played Attack/Defend mode when i played in highlanders. I did wish i did not play 2cp in comp.

Honestly, I think control point is the worst game mode. It’s essentially a fancier version of team deathmatch, whatever team gets the most kills wins. I prefer objective defense and teamwork-based gameplay, not the dps running off to get kills while the rest of the team tries not to die.