240+ minutes estimated wait

the hell is this? can we get any actual update on what’s going on?


They aren’t going to give you a real update…
Blizzard is getting DDOSed.

ya I got a 305 minute wait.

i know, right?! i can’t believe i’ll miss out on double XP because blizzard servers decided to die. :sob:

DDOSed are you sure?

oh darn. how do you know?

Hello everyone, there are known issues with the authentication servers at this time:

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Seems exactly like a DDOS, happened last year as well.
Multiple people are getting screens stating 1000+ people in que…

Yeah same here, but in my case it’s a +440min estimated wait.

I have to wait 474 min lol I hope they can fix this soon :crossed_fingers:

Last time they were ddos I couldn’t even log onto forums. Even their website was down. 700 minute wait in que… started at 180

I started at 220, then it jumped to 300. Tried to restart and now its at 560.

DW im right behind you 1000 players are ahead of me!

I should point out that they have been taking the authentication servers offline as they investigate this issue, you may find it, that you can only go into Offline Mode for BattleNet and Overwatch will be unplayable at this time.

And what will Blizzard do about those of us who lose SR due to decay during the time the game is unplayable? Hardly seems fair.

Learn about their policy here:

However with SR decay, you don’t lose your actual hidden MMR, so any games you catch up on are likely to have inflated SR gains when you win.

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Not only Overwatch, but all Blizzard titles, I suspect foul play, as this is highly unusual activity. All I can say is please be patient.

Don’t tell me to swap off Widow,

Thanks for the information. Not much of a “policy” but you get what you get I suppose.

On a side note, I have logged on again. Check your accounts now if you have not already. (Remember avoid Competitive Play until the all-clear is given from Blizzard).