2 Balance Suggestions: [1. Mercy Nerf improvement], [2. Zenyatta Nerf]


I agree with Mercy nerf about HP healing [amount/s].
But I guess just to apply this nerf is a little bit too much Nerf.
So I suggest “Apply buff changes at the same time”.
like “To increase Caduceus Blaster muzzle velocity”.

And I’m sure that Zenyatta shoud be Nerf.
He’s a little bit too OP now.

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  • Here is Hero Tier Analysis (2018-08-01).
    ( data from Overbuff )

  • Analysis Original file is here.
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Zen is fine he is high skill high reward.


Mercy nerf to her healing won’t really change anything just makes dps slightly stronger, Rez needs to go back to ult give her two maybe big maybe theee charges for it in valk. Zen is fine, his damage is his survivability and he’s only as good as the person playing him.


zen is balanced he’s just a good pick in the current meta


Right, Zen needs high player skill.
So pick-rate is fewer than the average.

However, in my analysis,
he is one of the easiest hero to increase player win-rates
in all SR (bronze~GM), of course in average.
This conclusion is from my Calculation about <Pickrate*Winrate> weighted exponentiation.


So how would you nerf him then?


I have 2 strong ways to Nerf Zenyatta.

  1. Make 0.5 sec lag to activate Transcendence.
    Now he can avoid attack-ults (like Pulse-Bomb) almost completely with his Ult.
    cf. Sound-Barrier casting time is 0.8 sec on flat.
  2. Change Orb of Destruction damage.
    46 → 43 (-6.52%).

in 46 Damage (current)

  • 3 hits + 1 hits on Discord: 198 dmg = (46*3)+(46*1*1.3).
  • 4 normal hits: 184 dmg.

in 43 Damage (suggested)

  • 2 normals + 2 Disdords: 198 dmg = (43*2)+(43*2*1.3).
  • 4 normals: 172.


discord needs a 5-10% nerf


Nice idea!
FYI: Orb of Discord is now “+30% damage received”.

I agree with the Zenyatta Discord Nerf.
It’s one of the strong way, I think.

*** Orb of Discord **
+30% → +27% (-10%)