1v4v1 instead of 2v2v2

for once, you’d have to rework pretty much all tanks and healers so they can work solo. And you’d have to generally rebalance the entire roster on top of that.
Plus, rebalance all modes so they actually take into account havin 2 less players.
All of this to solve what exactly?

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Solo healing would absolutely brutalize Supports and their capacity for unique kits.

They’d have to all have Mass/Moth Mercy level healing ability, consistency, and survivibility, and unique utility would cause massive balance issues within the role. The necessary homogenization would be extreme and suck more than a small amount of fun out of the role.

Same deal with Tanks. As nice as the raid boss part might be, you’d have a hell of a time balancing someone like Zarya as a solo tank without butchering her.

Considering they’re updating the engine anyway, if they were going to change team size/role distribution, 2/3/2 would be the way to go.


2-2-2 is like the automobile; for decades people ranted against it, but the simple fact was there really was no good alternative that people liked.

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for all of those saying healers and tanks won’t be able to keep up.
They will. With the right buffs and changes, they willl be strong enough to keep up and feel more impactful.
reworks basicallly

Reworking half the heroes in the game is unreasonable. Also would kill uniqueness of heroes due to the required solo healing/tanking abilities tanks and healers would need to deal with 4 dps without support.

they actually tried this once, this what they had to say on it

“The playtests under a 4-1-1 comp were terrible. The problem was the solo support. As a solo support, you felt unable to keep the rest of the team alive. Added to that, at all times, you had 5 very aggressive players prioritizing you as the target every time. As soon as the support player on one side died, the entire team would fall like a house of cards.”

Source: Blizzard save your game! go 1/3/2 - #100 by JeffreyKaplan

Thats why you do proper reworks.

And thats why you hire the proper staff to develop your game. Don’t be wow and have the same two devs for all class design, spec design and pvp design.

Proper balance cahnges and reworks will work out.

Given they tried proper reworks while they were internally testing 1 3 2 I would assume they did the same with 1 4 1 and still encountered the problems

You realize that many reworks could take upwards of 4 years. And that’s assuming they nail every reworks which, let’s be honest if sym and bastion are anything to go by, that isn’t likely.

honestly, they didnt. not even sym has gotten a proper one.

so basicly it will be 2-3 years of totally unbalanced 1-4-1 if its anything like the balancing from the last few years. no thanks

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1v4v1 is unfair for those 2 solo players


if they basically stay how they are, yes i agree.

Thats why you change them accordingly.

in this meta we have a soldier playing as a support

On top of having to rebalance everything, I’d be concerned about tanks and supports being stuck playing the SAME hero all the time. Even if everything got rebalanced to work in a 1-4-1 composition, there will still always be a “meta” and one or two heroes/compositions that simply work best. DPS already have a larger hero pool, with more viable choices to pick from…If there is just one tank and one support in every team, then most likely those players will be pressured into playing the same meta character for every game. And that won’t feel very fun for tank/support players who maybe don’t want to play the exact same hero all the time.

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Sombra, Tracer, Mei/Reaper, Pharah

Every tank main: :eye: :lips: :eye:

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TBH, it feels like that already with the current meta we have. Most tanks and supports feel useless/ not worth picking. Which is even worse since we have the smallest hero pool.

The idea behind this is to power them up and make them feel much more capable / stronger while improving the overall gameplay experience.
a support is also not just a heal bot. This is just current OW thinking.

One Healer is too much stress for that role.
Any Healer would be torn between cries for heals.

It would be too much! :grimacing:

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