144 Hz monitors are all hype

144 makes a big difference imo.
make sure you change the refresh rate of the monitor, bc most of them come stock 60 hz even if its a 144 monitor. its in the display -> display adapter properties.


It’s a very big difference for me, I guess it’s different for different people.


I went from a 30 fps computer (bad gfx card) to a new gfx card and monitor to 144 fps (more like 90-100 when playing) so I can’t tell the difference between 60 and 144 because I basically only had a 60 for a very short time.

How are you connecting to your monitor? A lot of cables don’t support 144hz and you might be only getting 60hz out of it.


You might also have to go into your monitor settings and turn on 144 hz.

Also, random side note for 144hz monitor users, a lot of streaming sites do not like 144hz (hello netflix!) so you might have to back it down to 120 to get these to work.

I usually use my old 60hz IPS monitor for watching stuff anyways.

lol what are you talking about? play on it for some weeks and then go back to 60Hz



play with 144hz for a month and then switch back to 60, you’re gonna notice it pretty hard


Really? Make sure its properly set up ( hz, ingame settings etc )


If you played at 30 fps for long time and one day moved to 60 fps, its big improvement. Same goes for 60->144+

For me its was huge change, everything is way smoother and feels superior to 60-75hz.

^btw, make sure you changed ur in-game settings to 144hz and display settings to 144hz.

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if you went from 120hz to 144hz you might not but if you went from 60hz to 114hz it literally is night and day. But you only feel it if you are actually hitting 144+ frames if you arent then you wont notice it

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Make sure the input cable type supports it as well. For instance on my acer I have to use DVI for 144hz, I can only get 60hz for my HDMI input.

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Lmao I have two monitors, primary 144hz/secondary 60hz.

I can literally see the difference every day.


There are only 2 possibilities here : Either you are not actually having those 144hz with vsync at all or you have an eye sight problem lol

The input lag is removed, the mouse responds instantly, the aiming is faster and smoother … hell, even it windows just shuffle the mouse and you can see double the fps.

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Use testufo to see if you can see a difference. If you can’t, something isn’t properly configured.

I’d make sure you have the monitor set to 144hz in windows too, sometimes it doesn’t, or if you hook it up with the wrong cable it won’t go that high.

Right click the desktop
Display settings
Advanced settings
Hit the monitor tab, and verify it says 144hz

If it’s greed out I’m assuming you have it hooked up with hdmi, try using a dvi or display port cable. I forgot what version hdmi the 1060 has, but it may not support over 60hz.

First gaming pc and I had my game settings and cable set up properly but just found out right now that its set to 60hz on windows… -_-

As soon as I hit apply settings I noticed the difference. 2 years set up like this feels bad man. Always felt targets at long range didn’t look right.

Congrats, you’re now officially the first person I’ve ever come across that did not find the difference to be amazing.

I would never go back to 60hz.


maybe off topic but do you know that you could overclock your Hz on the normal Monitor? i get an 60hz Asus, and was able to get to 76hz, all monitors are different but you may get 15% to 20% more for your money. Just google “Monitor OC”