1/1/2/2 could be interesting on experimental

As the title says.

To be more precise, the idea is to separate main and off tank roles and make people choose one or the other.

The benefits:
Orisa and Sigma can be reverted so they aren’t as weak as they are now
Potential Winston tweaks
No more barrier stacking
No more double offtank

Long offtank queue due to people not liking MT (which can be fixed by buffing maintanks thanks to no more barrier stacking)

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Why ?
Just why ?
That is the question that needs to be asked, As there is currently not a ‘main’ and ‘off’ tank roles in Overwatch and no decisive definition of each (many threads have been posted trying to define main and off and many responses with different groupings) what is the purpose here ?

I’ll just leave this here:
✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

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Tanks were still rare during goats.

If there’s any evidence that buffing tanks won’t make them any more popular, it’s the fact a meta existed for so long that demanded 3 of them, and still no one wanted to play them.