100% CPU usage after every GPU driver update


I have an issue with Overwatch after every GPU driver update in the past ~year. It eats all of my CPU utilization usually up to 100%, which lowers my FPS ingame and doesn’t make it possible to do anything in the background.

This stops happening no matter how many times i restart the game or computer ~30 minutes after i startup the game.

I can post PC specs if necessary.


It’s hard to make guesses at what’s happening here without more info. Please provide a DxDiag. Thank you.

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  2. Type DxDiag and press Enter.
  3. In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
  4. Name the file “dxdiag” and click Save.

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Yeah, exact same issue here.


Same issue!!! Bliz HELP!



Can you please post up your Dxdiag for us to review. Copy the dxdiag contents into your reply, highlight the text then select the code block icon </>.

Screenshots of your network graph would be helpful as well.

Open Overwatch goto: Options -> Video -> Turn on: DISPLAY PERFORMANCE STATS. Click: ADVANCED PERFORMANCE STATS+ turn them all on.

Once in the game when this issue occurs press Shift+Ctrl+N to show your Network Graph Then take a Screenshot Get this data back to us to review.

`Link goes Here`

Thank you!

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Here is the dxdiag:

pastebin . com/a7p7nGyW

In the performance stats there was nothing out of the ordinary apart from FPS being a lot lower because of the CPU usage. Network graph has SIM spikes when this is occuring - CPU goes from 99% to 100% usage.

It might be because of the Radeon Chill. Every update it recommends me to turn it on. Radeon Chill increases SIM and lowers FPS but shouldn’t cause the temporary CPU usage.

Radeon Chill off

pasteboard . co/Ik70RaW.png

Radeon Chill on

pasteboard . co/Ik6YXwQ.png

What GPU settings do you recommend for maximum performance, these are my Radeon settings (Ingame video settings are set to Low. Difference from base low setting are shadow detail and dynamic reflections which are set to low):

pasteboard . co/Ik738lI.png

Diagnostics in game with these settings (Large improvement in FPS and SIM):

pasteboard . co/Ik73HDb.png


Before we get to troubleshooting, I did want to verify if there was any actual issue here or if we’re just looking at numbers/optimizing? The FPS in both screenshots is well above the monitor’s ability to display (60Hz). I do see an increase in SIM with Radeon Chill turned on but that’s normal considering what that feature does. <7 SIM is actually a very good number to have.


I thought it’s a general problem, for example that you should avoid updating to the newest driver before certain time it was out, or there is a general option that comes with every update i should avoid for overwatch that might cause this temporary issue.
Also i heard that when i have 2 monitors one connected to HDMI second to DVI there might be a problem with running Overwatch, possibly temporary right after a driver update.
If this is a specific issue that happens to people randomly on different GPUs i can live with it.
Btw i have a 144Hz monitor so it matters.


My apologies, I may have overlooked the second monitor.

Avoiding new driver updates would generally be a personal preference. Some folks may do that to avoid any issues with the drivers that may have not been caught in the development process. AMD will post any known issues on the driver release notes.

That said I do see that AMD has a newer driver set than the ones installed on this device that has several bug fixes available. More details here.

As far as GPU settings/configurations go, definitely ensure Radeon Chill is disabled when playing games with the device plugged in. That feature is designed for power saving and will limit performance. Though for any more in-depth features configuration for optimization it may be best to discuss the issue with the device manufacturer or AMD directly.