100 boxes, Nothing new

I have bought around 85 boxes, and earned around another 15, but from ALL of these boxes, I haven’t received a single item from the new event, not even a common voice line. Instead, I would get 2- 3 and sometimes even 4 duplicates from previous events. I feel like I have been locked out from getting the new items, but why? that’s why I want to report it as a bug so no one else wastes money like this to receive literally Nothing…

The only things I have received from the new event are the things I spent coins on, this is not fair, and I feel like I have wasted around £60 on about 3000 coins

that sucks I hope thats a bug

fells bad man, but it’s only unlucky, it’s not a bug.

If what they said was true, then it would be a bug. If you get a rare for an event, you are guaranteed to get any rare item that you have not gotten. If they aren’t even getting new voice lines, that is 100% a bug.