“10 different Mercy fixes”

I’m going to be honest, I never really said that I wanted Mass Rez back. I would be okay with it, sure. The issue is that I don’t think that they’re going to bring it back anyway. I liked the post because I admired the effort that all of the people involved put into their ideas, and because I liked multiple of said ideas. Not just because of Mass Rez or anything. And if there’s at least one person like me, there’s bound to be more. I wouldn’t say that all 800 want it back.

Blizzard really doesn’t utilize the PTR’s max potential. Even if it’s a small change, it should still be tested by the players. Not to mention that they do this, they still won’t listen to feedback. Symmetra’s and Sombra’s rework had so many complaints during it’s time on the PTR but no changes were done.


This! The only fun way to play Mercy now, imo, is battle Mercy which is literally against Mercy’s design. That’s pretty messed up.

PTR is basically “play OW before it hits actual OW”. It sucks because so many cool ideas could be tested there.


I know! It annoys me so much.


It seems like those in opposition, you know all 3 of them, saying “Changing Mercy is not a popular opinion” are spamming it in every Mercy thread while still holding there opinion.


Mercy is not underdog what are you talking about? She’s just a-okay now.

I actually made a post on the mercy main sub reddit a while back with this in mind. I thought that they were completely crazy for not using the PTR as the name says, a testing ground. Turns out it’s really just for bug fixes which I think is BEYOND stupid and under utilising it. Let us expieriment with some changes before they go live so Blizzard can keep tweaking it. Don’t send it to live in a poor state only for us to have to wait for a few weeks to get it changed again, and repeat the cycle.


It’d be nice to try alternatives - maybe she could be balanced and fun :smiley:

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Except… nothing else in the quote really changed that part of the text.

Saying you get some of Aria’s points doesn’t take away the fact that you insulted her character. There was no cherry-picking, it’s literally right there.

(Sorry for being late, but this really bugged me.)

The point was that I ignored the actually arguements, which I clearly did not.

As for the “insults”, that is my description of the way she acted during the video, I have no idea what she is like in real life.

Well, it was still an insult on a part of her character, sooo…

But my bad, I’m rereading the post and now I get what you mean.

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“Because I’m unhappy with her balance and only drastic sudden changes will fix it” ~ Mercy mains

?? What are you saying?? The reason they’re unhappy is because of the frequent and drastic changes

nerfed her ga speed and hop momentum by 50%
ga reset was removed
can’t damage boost certain abilities anymore
added a self stun/cast time to rez
nerfed valk flight speed
ult duration reduced
5 possible rezzes down to 3 possible rezzes
3 possible rezzes down to 2 possible rezzes
2 possible rezzes down to 1 rez on a 30sec timer
60 hps > 50 hps
removed her pistol bonus damage while ulting
removed the pistol rate of fire while ulting
rez range decreased

I’m sure I’m missing some.

All of these nerfs just to keep rez as an E ability?


Which was a bug fix btw

Also, keep in mind the changes you listed aren’t sudden or drastic. They’re the opposite.

The non-Mercys are notoriously guilty of doing exactly this and very clearly taking things out of context. Where are you on calling out their crap?

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I was wondering if you have anything to validate this claim, other than pick rate, which proves “there’s lots of players that think it’s fun and engaging”, primarily from those who play Mercy a fair bit since they are the ones using the ultimate ability? I can honestly imagine many are saying it’s fun to play against, but I wonder what percentage are truly saying it’s fun to play as. Please don’t say the forum as that isn’t a reliable enough dataset to truly determine whether many find it fun and engaging or not :slight_smile: .

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Give me a link and I will when I have time.

take a number and wait for your turn :slight_smile: 10 heros need more important changes

Of the top of my head? Pretty much take your pick from any post made by Undertone or Quest that quotes someone siding with Mercy mains, and there is slews of it from many different people in Titanium’s new Mega Thread or the actual Mega thread at many various points before it turned into a clown fiesta of how quickly can it get locked.

Titanium’s thread: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

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Aren’t you the guy who keeps moaning about the abundance of the mercy threads on the forums? Yet you’re here. Complaining in a thread about mercy. For what reason?


I know right? It makes me sad that there are people who want a character to be so uninspiring and support a design that in many ways just brakes the character’s weaknesses such that they are overpowered and then require nerfs that eventually lead to a dull character. A character that cannot be particularly punished for poor choices nor particularly rewarded for good choices because there is very little difference between the feel of the two i.e. Low risk > Low reward.

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